War of the Rebellion: Serial 087 Page 0054 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LIV.

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[September.] - Remained in camp near Petersburg, Va., on the left of the Jerusalem plank road, until the 25th; were then relieved by a portion of the Ninth Corps; moved to the right about one mile and a half and took position in front, the left of our line resting on the Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad, remaining in that position until October 1.

October 1. - Moved from camp near Jerusalem plank road before Petersburg, Va.; marched to Vaughan road, on the left.

October 2. - Skirmished with the enemy, driving him back to his second line of works.

October 5 . - Returned to our former position, occupying Fort Davis and the rifle-pits and picket-line on the left.

October 24. - Broke camp and marched to the left.

October 27. - Took part in the action at Hatcher' Run, Va.

October 31. - Returned to near former position on the right.

[The return for November contains no record of events.]

December 7. - Remained in camp near Petersburg, Va., to this date, when, at 7 a. m., the command took up line of march, arriving at the Nottoway River that evening.

December 8. - Resumed the march, passing Sussex Court-House at about 8.45 a. m.; bivouacked near Jarratt's Station at 4 p. m.

December 9. - Marched at 6.30 a. m., passing Jarratt's Station; halted about two miles south of it and formed in line of battle along the Weldon railroad and commenced destroying the same; bivouacked about midway between Jarratt' Station and Hicksford. At 12 midnight received orders from General Warren that the object of the expedition having been accomplished the command would return.

December 10. - Marched toward our old position, bivouacking for the night at 6 p. m.

December 11. - Resumed the march at 7.10 a. m., passing Sussex Court-House; recrossed the Nottoway River at 5 p. m.; bivouacked for the night at about three miles from the Jerusalem plank road.

December 12. - Marched at 7 a. m., arriving at the Yellow House at 1.30 p. m.; bivouacked in front of the rear line of entrenchments, west of the Halifax road, where we still [December 31] remain.

Artillery Brigade.

August 12. - Captain A. Judson Clark, First New Jersey Artillery, assumed command.

August 13. - Moved from camp near the Deserted House to a point near Bermuda Hundred.

August 15. -- Crossed James River to Deep Bottom with six batteries.

August 16. - Moved in Battery A, First Rhode Island Artillery. Batteries engaged at various times from the 15th to 19th.

August 19. - Recrossed the James River and marched to the old camp at the Deserted House.

August 21. - Four batteries moved out with the troops to the neighborhood of General Warren's position on the Weldon railroad.

August 23. - Moved to Reams' Station, Va.

August 225. - Engaged at battle of Reams' station. Batteries A and B, First Rhode Island Light Artillery, and Tenth Massachusetts Battery lost their guns; the Twelfth New York Battery lost one gun; Third New Jersey Battery also engaged.

August 26. - Removed to the Jones house.

August 27. - Major Hazard resumed command. Remained at this point with six batteries in position on the line in front of Petersburg until the end of the month.