War of the Rebellion: Serial 087 Page 0052 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LIV.

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August 19. - Arrived in the morning; relieved one division of the Ninth Corps, bringing nearly the whole command on the picket-line, where we remained in nearly the same position until the 25th.

August 25. - A portion of the brigade was relieved and went, together with the Third Brigade, the whole under command of Colonel Robert McAllister, of the Third Brigade, to the support, of the Second Corps, which was engaged with the enemy near Reams' Station, on the Weldon railroad. We were placed in position to protect their left flank, remaining until after midnight, at which time the brigade was withdrawn and marched back to the position that we occupied in the morning.

August 26. - General B. R. Pierce arrived and assumed command of the brigade. Our lines were shortened after returning and the command strengthened our earth-works. We occupy the same position at the present time.

[September.] - This brigade has been in position during the month along the breast-works between Forts Hays and Davis, furnishing heavy details for picket and fatigue duty.

October 1. - The regiments of this brigade occupied the line of breastworks on either side of Fort Alexander Hays, except the Firts Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, which garrisoned Fort Bross, on the Norfolk railroad. The brigade picketed its own front and furnished large fatigue details for working on Fort Sedgwick, covered ways, corduroy roads, & c.

October 24. - In the evening the brigade was withdrawn from the front and massed in the open field near the Southall house, where it remained until the afternoon of the 26th.

October 26. - About 2 p. m. this brigade, in conjunction with the First and Third Brigades, marched to the Vaughan house, on the Weldon railroad, and bivouacked for the night.

October 27. - At 4 a. m. the brigade marched via the Halifax and Vaughan roads to the Boydton plank road and participated in the engagement at that place, suffering a loss in killed, wounded, and missing of 265. At 11 p. m. the brigade withdrew, marching on the plank road it advanced on in the morning; bivouacked for the night near the Wyatt house.

October 28. - About 12 m. the brigade resumed its march and arrived at the Southall house about sunset.

October 29. - In the evening, under cover of darkness, the brigade moved to the front and now garrisons Fort Davis, Fort Alexander Hays, and Battery Numbers 24. The balance of this brigade now occupies the curtains between Fort Davis and Battery Numbers 24.

November 1. - This brigade garrisoned Fort Davis and Fort Alexander Hays and occupied the line between the curtain of these two forts and as far to the left as Battery Numbers 24. It remained in this position, doing the usual amount of picket and fatigue duty required to be done on this portion of the line, until the evening of the 29th.

November 29. - Being relieved by a brigade of the Ninth Corps, was withdrawn from the trenches and massed near the Southall house.

November 30. - At 7 a. m. this brigade, in conjunction with the balance of the Third Division, marched to the left to a position in the rear line, near the Peebles house, this brigade occupying the line between Forts Siebert and Emery.

December 1. - This brigade occupied the line of breast-works between Forts Siebert and Emery, on rear line of works, in vicinity of Peebles' house.