War of the Rebellion: Serial 086 Page 1142 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter LIII.

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Third Texas Infantry Brigade.

Actg. Brigadier General ROBERT P. MACLAY.

11th Texas, Colonel James H. Jones.

14th Texas, Colonel Edward Clark.

28th Texas Cavalry (dismounted), Colonel Eli H. Baxter.

Gould's battalion cavalry (dismounted), Lieutenant Colonel Robert S. Gould.

(A fourth brigade, organized from dismounted cavalry regiments, attached to this division.)



Fourth Texas Infantry Brigade.

Actg. Brigadier General WILLIAM H. KING.

15th Texas, Colonel James E. Harrison.

17th Texas Cavalry (dismounted), Colonel Thomas F. Tucker.

31st Texas, Cavalry (dismounted), Colonel Frederick J. Malone.

Alexander's (Texas) cavalry (dismounted), Lieutenant Colonel John H. Caudle.

Merrick's (Texas) cavalry (dismounted), Lieutenant Colonel George W. Merrick.

First Louisiana Infantry Brigade.

Brigadier General ALLEN THOMAS.

3rd Louisiana, Colonel Samuel D. Russell

17th Louisiana, Colonel Robert Richardson.

26th Louisiana, Colonel William C. Crow.

27th Louisiana, Colonel Alexander S. Norwood.

28th [29th] Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph O. Landry.

31st Louisiana, Colonel Charles H. Morrison.

Weatherby's (Louisiana) battalion, Captain R. C. Weatherby.

Second Louisiana Infantry Brigade.

18th Louisiana (consolidated), Lieutenant Colonel William Mouton.

28th Louisiana, Colonel Thomas W. Pool.

Crescent Regiment (Louisiana, consolidated), Lieutenant Colonel Arthur W. Hyatt.


Actg. Major General SAMUEL B. MAXEY.

Fourth Texas Cavalry Brigade.

Actg. Brigadier General ARTHUR P. BAGBY.

1st Texas, Colonel William O. Yager.

34th Texas, Colonel Alexander W. Terrell.

35th Texas, Colonel James B. Likens.

Fifth Texas Cavalry Brigade.

Actg. Brigadier General RICHARD M. GANO.

29th Texas, Colonel Charles De Morse.

30th Texas, Colonel Edward J. Gurley.

33rd Texas, Colonel James Duff.

Martin's (Texas), Colonel Leonidas M. Martin.

Hardeman's (Texas) cavalry battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Hardeman.

Well's (Texas) cavalry battalion, Lieutenant Colonel John W. Wells.

Good's (Texas) cavalry battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Chaplin Good.

Sixth Texas Cavalry Brigade.

Actg. Brigadier General XAVIER B. DEBRAY.

23rd Texas, Colonel Nicholas C. Gould.

26th Texas, Lieutenant Colonel Medard Menard.

32nd [36th] Texas, Major William O. Hutchison.

First Louisiana Cavalry Brigade.

Actg. Brigadier General JOSEPH L. BRENT.

2nd Louisiana, Colonel William G. Vincent.

7th Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel Amedee Bringier.

8th Louisiana, Colonel B. W. Clark.

Vinson's (Louisiana) Scouts, Captain B. P. L. Vinson.

Third Louisiana Cavalry Brigade.


3rd Louisiana, Colonel Isaac F. Harrison.

4th Louisiana, Colonel A. J. McNeill.

5th Louisiana, Colonel Richard L. Capers.

6th Louisiana, Colonel William Harrison.