War of the Rebellion: Serial 086 Page 1108 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter LIII.

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kidnapped, or have got possession of without due process of law, if such shall have been taken to the Indian Territory. Captain Lewis not having obeyed my order to report at these headquarters, I request Major-General Maxey be ordered to arrest him and send him to these headquarters for trial, getting a receipt from him (Captain Lewis) of the order to proceed here, and if Captain Lewis does not report within a reasonable time I respectfully ask that he be dropped from the rolls and the next officer in rank, whom I understand to be a good officer, be promoted in his place. I also request that Gano's brigade, or such portions to protect the citizens and to enforce obedience to my orders for the reorganization of Price's command. For the good of the service I hope the commanding general will not refuse me the necessary means to carry out his own instructions. Colonel Logan is ordered to relieve Colonel Giddings, of Wharton's division, and the latter to march to Nacogdoches, Tex., rapidly and by the nearest and most practicable route. I beg that this letter may be answered at the earliest convenience of the general commanding. There will be great difficulty in carrying out practically the instructions which I shall give for dismounting a portion of the cavalry and causing their arms horses, mules, &c., to be turned over to the proper departments of the staff. It will require the hearty co-operation and support of the commanding general, and as all furloughs given by General Price or any of his officers have been revoked by my order, I respectfully suggest that General Greer be ordered to give the following instructions to his enrolling officers, both in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas, to wit: That they enroll, dismount, and disarm any persons between the ages of eighteen and forty-five who do not show special exemptions from the commander of the department or some competent authority, or furloughs granted by the department or district commanders; and that they shall disregard all furloughs alleged to have emanated from General Price or any of his officers, since such furloughs have been revoked by General Price himself . In all cases to impress, in accordance with the impressment law, the horses, mules, saddles, bridles and arms of such persons owing military duty, and to report the same to the commanding general of the department forthwith in order that he may cause to be sent to the headquarters of the district the property, that appertains thereto. This order I design to circulate among the troops of Price's command. It should be published in the newspapers and a copy in the ordinary from sent to these headquarters. Many men to avoid being dismounted and to save their horses, arms, and equipments will endeavor to make their way into Texas and thence to the Rio Grande. When they are made aware by the highest authority in the department that their escape in that direction is cut off they will yield to my orders a less reluctant obedience. An order to the above effect in any form that may be preferred by the commanding general will I think be beneficial as a preliminary step. Please address communications to me at this point until further informed; it will save time.

I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,,


Major-General, Commanding