War of the Rebellion: Serial 086 Page 1049 Chapter LIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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ized since March, 1864, too much praise cannot be given to the officers and agents subject to my orders. For some time past my duties have been interfered with by department headquarters not understanding the laws and regulations organizing the Field Transportation Department. Having been intrusted by you with its organization in this district, I considered it my duty to protest against being ordered to report to the chief quartermaster of an army. I have been sustained and ordered to report to Lieutenant-Colonel O'Bannon, chief of quartermaster's bureau, who represents the Quartermaster-General in this department, and which is pleasing to me. From the facilities to fabricate means of transportation, and the immense stock of material collected, I have no doubt of being able to replace by next spring nearly all the wagons at present in the army with new ones. The Trans-Mississippi Department is entirely denuded of artillery horses, and agricultural pursuit will not permit many more mules being taken for the army. In order to sustain your department in this district and to transport animals east of the Mississippi River, they must be purchased in Mexico. The specie necessary to do so has not been furnished to men, and I see no prospect of getting any. A limited supply of money of the new issue would facilitate my operations very much. A requisition for $1,125,000 is now made upon me to pay for 1,500 mules purchased beyond San Antonio by order of Brigadier-General Slaughter. I have not the funds to meet this requisition. I respectfully call your attention to the inclosed statement of moneys received and expended since March, 1864. The indebtedness of the Field Transportation Department will amount to $1,000,000. Nothing will strengthen my efforts or the efforts of my officers more than prompt payments for property purchased. I respectfully call your attention to the inclosed list* of persons to be appoint officers of the Field Transportation Department. The public service required me to transfer to them money and property. These transfer are disallowed, and I earnestly request that I be relieved from this annoyance and seeming great loss by the immediate appointment of these officers.

I am, colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major and Chief Inspector Field Transportation Trans-Miss. Dept.


Consolidated report of the means of transportation in the Trans-Mississippi Department on the 1st day of November, 1864.

Districts Horses Mules Oxen Wagons Ambulances

District of 962 6,170 90 1,176 114


District of 581 7,204 347 1,526 96


District of 190 1,344 466 485 39

Texas, New

Mexico, &c.

District of 45 1,477 682 356 31



Total 1,778 16,195 1,585 3,543 280

Most of this transportation in good condition. Such as needs repairing, recruiting, &c., are being attended to as fast as the occasion requires. The shops are working well and give the facilities in that district so long needed. The animals are being recruited at the different infirmaries and are improving very satisfactorily.

I certify that the above report is correct.


Major and Chief Inspector Field Transportation Trans-Miss. Dept.