War of the Rebellion: Serial 086 Page 0983 Chapter LIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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16th Missouri Cavalry, Company M, Captain George W. Taylor.


46th Missouri, Company I, Captain William J. Piland.


8th Missouri State Militia Cavalry, Company I, Captain Jacob Cassairt.


Bvt. Brigadier ROY STONE.

144th Illinois, Colonel Cyrus Hall.


District of Saint Louis.

One company, Captain Adolph Tacke, New Madrid.

One company, Captain John R. Cochran, Dallas.

One company, Captain Samuel Tanner, Hamburg.

One company, Captain Alfred Montgomery, Bloomfield.

One company, Captain --- Denny.

District of Rolla.

One company, Captain William H. Ferguson, Steelville.

District of North Missouri.*

4th Provisional Regiment (one company), Colonel John H. Shanklin, Chillicothe.

4th Provisional Regiment (one company), Lieutenant M. L. Brown, Carrollton.

4th Provisional Regiment (one company), Captain Clayton Tiffin, Richmond.

27th Regiment (two companies), Colonel Arnold Krekel, Saint Charles.

35th Regiment (one company), Captain Thomas E. Brawner, Brunswick.

35th Regiment (one company), Captain William H. Rees, Brunswick.

35th Regiment (one company), Captain Henry Bucksath, Bowling Green.

37th Regiment (one company), Captain William C. Teague, Troy.

46th Regiment (one company), Captain Charles F. Mayo, Huntsville.

46th Regiment (one company), Captain Alexander Denny, Roanoke.

50th Regiment (one company), Lieutenant Tobias McQuoid, Edina.

51st Regiment (one company), Lieutenant Anderson Elliott, Richmond.

51st Regiment (one company), Lieutenant Isaac McKown, Fredericksburg.

59th Regiment (one company), Colonel Frederick Morsey, Warrenton.

69th Regiment (one company), Captain Isaac D. How, Alexandria.

69th Regiment (one company), Captain Henry J. Lewis, Monticello.

70th Regiment (provisional company), Lieutenant Martin O. Miller, Shelbyville.

Provisional company, Captain Daniel Hoover, Carrollton.

One company, Lieutenant W. T. Davis, Liberty.

One company, Captain John W. Younger, Missouri City.

District of Southwest Missouri.+

Brigadier General COLLEY B. HOLLAND.

73rd Regiment (one company), Captain William L. Fenex, Forsythe.

73rd Regiment (one company), Captain Gillum Hopper, White River.

76th Regiment (one company), Captain George F. Bowers, Lawrence County.


*Seventh and Eighth Districts.

+Fourth District.