War of the Rebellion: Serial 086 Page 0791 Chapter LIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- UNION.

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of actual occupation except for military purposes is permitted, except that authorized by the Executive order and Treasury regulations aforesaid; and all products and supplies that may be found either within or without the lines, unless covered by permits from the proper agents of the Treasury Department, will be seized and turned over to the agents of that Department as captured property, and the means of transportation used in their conveyance will be seized and turned over to the quartermaster's department under the proviso to the first section of act of May 20, 1862, but these permits will not apply to any property belonging to the rebel Government or to any of the States in rebellion against the Government of the United Stats, or to any person specified in the fifth section of the act of Congress, approved July 17, 1862.

13. Any persons who may be found within, attempting to come within, or to pass the lines of occupation, without the proper permit, or who may attempt to evade these regulations under cover of the permits or safe- conducts authorized by paragraphs 1 and 7 or this order, will be regarded and treated as spies of the enemy.

14. The fifty- sixth and fifty- seventh Articles of War are published for general information, and are commended to the serious consideration of all persons engaged in commercial intercourse under the authority of the Executive order and Treasury regulations of September 24, 1864, and any attempts to convey supplies to the enemy beyond the license given by the authorized permits, or to communicate information, will subject the offender not only to the forfeiture of his property, but also to criminal prosecution under these articles:


Whosoever shall relieve the enemy with money, victuals, or ammunition, or shall knowingly harbor or protect an enemy, shall suffer death, or such other punishment as shall be ordered by the sentence of a court- martial.


Whosoever shall be convicted of holding correspondence with or giving intelligence to the enemy, either directly or indirectly, shall suffer death or such other punishment as shall be ordered by the sentence of a court- martial.

15. The attention of all officers within the limits of this command is called to the proclamation of the President of August 16, 1861, which relates to certain States and parts of States declared in insurrection and prohibits unlawful commercial intercourse with the same, enjoining "upon all district attorneys, marshals, and officers of the revenue, and of the military and naval forces of the United States, to be vigilant in the execution of said act (of July 13, 1861) and in the enforcement of the penalties and forfeitures imposed or declared by it," and the greatest vigilance will be used to expose and prevent the execution of any attempts at frauds on the part of those who have received permits or safe- conducts for carrying out supplies under the authority of paragraph 7 of this order; and no permits from Treasury agents for the importations of products or the exportation of supplies will be considered as effective or valid, unless accompanied by the corresponding permit and safe- conduct from the designated military authorities.

16. The safe- conducts or permits herein authorized will be given upon the forms prescribed from this office. They will be given in duplicate, one of which will be permanently attached to the application of the purchasing agent of the Treasury Department, the other to be retained in the office to be established in accordance with paragraph 8 of this order; and no permit for the importation of products, or the