War of the Rebellion: Serial 086 Page 0789 Chapter LIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC- UNION.

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and permits, upon the application of the purchasing agents at new Orleans, La., and Memphis, Tenn., respectively, to persons who own or control products of insurrectionary districts to and from the place at which the said products are to be delivered, and for the transportation required in moving the said products from the place of delivery to the place of sale, but all such safe- conducts and permits will be limited strictly to the persons, products, means of transportation, and employees necessary for the transfer of said products; and no permit or safe- conduct will in any case be given unless the conditions prescribed by the regulations of the Treasury Department of September 24, 1864 (article 8 and From 1), are shown by the application from the purchasing agent to have been complied with. Whenever the point at which the products are to be delivered is beyond the limits of the commander who grants the safe- conduct or permit it must be submitted to the commander of the department or district in which the products are to be delivered, and will not take effect until after it has been approved by him, except that when the place of delivery is on the bank of the Mississippi River the approval of the commander of the immediate district, under such regulations as may be established by the commander of the department, will be sufficient.

2. No permit or safe- conduct for any point ont he tributaries of the Mississippi or other inland waters beyond the limits of actual occupation will be effective without the joint approval of the commander of the Mississippi or West Gulf Blockading Squadron and the commander of the Division of West Mississippi.

3. No permit or safe- conduct to any point under the supervision of the Navy will be effective without the approval of the commander of the naval district or such other office as may be designated by the commander of the squadron, in addition to the prescribed military permit or approval.

4, Under article 33 of the Treasury regulations of July 29 and the President's instruction of November 7, 1864, no permit or safe- conducts, except supplies for the Army or Navy, will be given to any port or place affected by the blockade.

5. Commanders of departments, districts, posts, or detachments, whenever, from the presence of the enemy or other sufficient reason, the intercourse authorized by these permits would endanger their commands or embarrass or defeat pending or impending military operations within the limits of their commands, are authorized to suspend the operations of the permit or safe- conduct until the intercourse can be safely allowed. This authority will not be exercised unreasonably, and in all such cases the commander will immediately report his action and the reasons therefor to the next superior commander.

6. Commanders of posts are authorized to grant permits to persons to visit the purchasing agents at New Orleans, La., and Memphis, Tenn., for the purpose indicated in the first paragraph of this order, when satisfied that they own or control the products which they desire to sell, and that the application is made in good faith for the specified object. No persons not included in this paragraph, except deserters, under the provisions of Special Orders, Numbers 82, from the Headquarters of the Army, and refugees, under paragraph 7 of General Orders, Numbers 31, from these headquarters will be permitted to enter the lines upon any pretense whatever.

7. Under the fourth section of the Executive order the commanding generals at Memphis, Tenn, and New Orleans La., will grant permits and safe- conducts for supplies to the extent of one- third of the value