War of the Rebellion: Serial 086 Page 0779 Chapter LIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- UNION.

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matters relating to the civil administration of te Department of the Gulf. That leave was given in a letter of which the following is a copy:


Washington City, November 28, 1864.

Major- General BANKS,

Commanding Department of Louisiana;

GENERAL: Upon your return to your command, in pursuance of the order of November 23, you are authorized to communicate to the President any matters relating to the civil administration of your department which you may deem it important to the public service for him to be apprised of by direct communication with him.

Your obedient servant,


Secretary of War.

At the time the leave was given it was not apprehended that it could be construed into any authority rendering you independent of your official superiors, the Secretary of War, the lieutenant-general, and the commander of the military division of which the State of Louisiana forms a part. A recent article in the Washington Republican, supposed to be written by you, or by your authority or assent, has created the impression that the leave give in the above mentioned letter is designed to be construed differently from what was designed by the Department. To prevent misunderstanding that might be highly prejudicial to the service, the aforesaid letter is recalled, and all authority or permission granted to you in that letter is canceled and revoked, and you have henceforth no leave or permission from this Department to correspond or communicate with any authority, civil or military, except in accordance with the rules and regulations of the military service, A copy of the letter of November 28, and of this revocation, will be transmitted to your official superior, Major-General Canby, in order that he, as well as yourself, may distinctly understand your official relations.

Yours, truly,


Secretary of War.


Thibodeaux, La., December 6, 1864.

Colonel C. L. HARRIS,

Commanding, Brashear;

The general commanding has information that another raid on the La Fourche country is projected under King and Whitaker, coming by the way of Grossetete, Park, and Bayou Goula, to return by Bay Natchez, Grand River,and Cross Bayou, as they did before. You will send a gun- boat with 150 infantry, under a good officer, with five days' rations, up Bayou Pigeon to Grand River, down Grand River to Madam Lockhart's plantation, between Brown's and Micheltre's, and capture Lieutenants Foulk and Thompson, rebel recruiting officers, whom were said to be recruiting for their service, with headquarters at Madam Lockhart's. If this matter is managed with proper tact and shrewdness these officers can be taken in. You will see that all pillaging is prevented on this expedition. The officers will be held strictly accountable for the conduct of their commands. Great care must be taken to prevent a surprise and loss of the gun- boat.

By command of Brigadier-General Cameron:


Assistant Adjutant- General.