War of the Rebellion: Serial 086 Page 0716 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter LIII.

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thence north three miles, thence west six miles, thence south three miles, thence west twelve miles, thence south fifteen miles, thence east thirty miles, thence north fifteen miles, thence west twelve miles to a point three miles east of the place of beginning.

Julesburg, Colo. Terr.: Commencing at a point in the center of the parade ground at such post, thence east four miles, thence north four miles, thence west eight miles, thence south eight miles, thence east eight miles, thence north four miles to a point four miles east of the beginning.

The military commanders at the posts of Cottonwood Springs, Nebr. Terr., and Julesburg, Colo. Terr., will exercise the requisite supervision over the territory comprised in the boundaries designated, preventing all cutting of wood or timber and all camping or grazing within the limits named in this order. These reservations are required for the purpose of procuring and retaining for the use of the troops necessarily placed at the points named the necessary supplies of fuel and forage for their use and for the purpose of exercising the requisite jurisdiction in the vicinity of these posts. All persons who had prior to the issuing of General Orders, No. 17, headquarters Fort Cottonwood, May 18, 1864, made actual settlement and established a claim upon territory comprised within the limits of the reservation as declared therein, or who have made such settlements or established such claim prior to the issuing of this order upon the territory comprised within the limits of the reservation as described herein, will be allowed to retain 160 acres and will also be permitted to graze their stock within the reservation, subject to rules and regulations to be made the commandants at the posts named. The stage company will also be allowed to retain their buildings and the grounds contiguous thereto and necessary for the keeping of such station at Julesburg, Colo. Terr. All persons from trespassing within the limits of these reservations will be tried before a military commission.

By command of Brigadier General Robert B. Mitchell:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Major General H. W. HALLECK, Chief of Staff of the Army:

GENERAL: I have just dispatched to your requesting that the Department of the Northwest, Missouri, and Kansas be erected into a military division and that General Pope be assigned to the command. I think it is highly that the territory embraced in these three departments should all be under one head. The importance of this change is much increased because of the inefficiency of two of the commanders of departments named, one of whom I suppose cannot well be removed. I do, however, think it of very great importance that General Rosecrans, should be removed. There is no fault with General Canby that induces me to recommend a curtailment of his command, but being at such a distance form Missouri he cannot direct affairs there as well it can be done from Washington. I wish you would lay this matter before the Secretary of War and urge that the change be immediately made. With Pope in command we secure at least two advantages we have not heretofore had, namely, subordination and intelligence of administration.