War of the Rebellion: Serial 086 Page 0480 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter LIII.

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CHILLICOTHE, November 7, 1864.

General FISK:

General Craig left Carrollton early this morning for the railroad, intending to strike it either at Utica or Hamilton, I do not know which.


Colonel, Commanding.

MACON, November 7, 1864-9.20 a. m.

Colonel JOHN V. DU BOIS:

Ny regiment is considerably scattered. I have companies at Columbia, Boone County, and thirty men in Sullivan County; twenty-five in Chariton County, and one company at Paris, Monroe County. It will be impossible for me to get my regiment ready to start from here before Friday morning, November 11. Will that do?


Colonel Forty-Second.

BROOKFIELD, November 7, 1864.

General FISK:

I have just returned from a scout. Have been in southwest part of Chariton and into Carroll, and thence up into Livingston County. Searched many houses in south part of Livingston and found several hundred dollar's worth of stolen property distributed by bushwhackers to the law-abiding citizen of locality. Took some of the goods to a store that was plundered and compared marks, which were same, and goods identified by owners. The Southern sympathizers and bush-whackers are the same. I have seem twenty-five from the vicinity of Bedford here are the work, two of them judges of election. I have Companies C and E of my command in Chariton County, and Companies A, D, and F distributed through here, and want to take twenty-five of them with me to-night to Enterprise, where they have sent me word that if soldiers come there will be shooting. I am on it, and will be there to see him about it. That leaves but twenty-five men at his place. I want leave here at 1 o'clock to-night. Rebels are below par in the localities I have been in yesterday, last night, and to-day. Every Union man was plundered in that section last Friday. Many of the rebels do not feel well. Two judges of election here at work. I think they will postpone election for a few days in that precinct, as they never had but seventeen Union votes cast there since the rebellion.


Captain, Commanding.

LEAVENWORTH, November 7, 1864.

Major-General ROSECRANS,

Saint Louis:

There are no Kansas militia in Platte County or any other county in Missouri to my knowledge. Have made inquiry.