War of the Rebellion: Serial 086 Page 0371 Chapter LIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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Brigadier General EDWARD C. PIKE.

1st Regiment (eight companies), Colonel William P. Fenn, Mineral Point.

2nd Regiment, Colonel Edward Stafford, South Branch Railroad Bridge.

56th Regiment (nine companies), Lieutenant Colonel George C. Thilenius, Cape Girardeau.

64th Regiment (nine companies), Colonel Robert M. Brewer, Perryville.

64th Regiment (one company), Lieutenant Martin V. Moore, Fredericktown.

80th Regiment (nine companies), Colonel Louis J. Rankin, De Soto.

85th Regiment, Colonel William J. A. Smith, Mineral Point.

Detachment (three companies), Captain Samuel Tanner, Hamburg.

Six-months' Volunteers (one company), Lieutenant David Holder, Hamburg.

Six-months' Volunteers (one company), Captain Adolph Tacke, Cape Girardeau.

Six-months' Volunteers (one company), Captain Alfred Montgomery, Bloomfield.

Six-months' Volunteers (one company), Captain John R. Cochran, Dallas.


34th Regiment (four companies), Major John E. Goos, Rolla and vicinity.

63rd Regiment (five companies), Colonel Isaac S. Warmoth, Rolla and vicinity.


Brigadier General COLLEY B. HOLLAND.

6th and 7th Provisional Regiments, in the field with General Sanborn.

7th Provisional Regiment (detachment), Lieutenant Colonel John D. Brutsche, in the field.

7th Provisional Regiment (detachment), Major Wick Morgan, Springfield.

7th Provisional Regiment (detachment), Colonel John D. Allen, Mount Vernon.

26th Regiment (detachment), Colonel A. C. Mitchell, Springfield.

26th Regiment (detachment), Captain G. W. Kelley, Bolivar.

26th Regiment (detachment), Captain -Hackleman, Stockton.

72nd Regiment (detachment), Lieutenant J. T. Fulton, Christian County.

72nd Regiment (detachment), Captain Stephen Sink, Ozark County.

73rd Regiment (detachment), Ratliff B. Palmer Hartsville.

73rd Regiment (detachment), Lieutenant P. G. Bradshaw, Bennett's Mill.

72nd and 73rd Regiments (detachments), Colonel John S. Phelps, Springfield.

74th Regiment (detachment), Captain William Williamson, Marshfield.

76th Regiment (detachment), Captain James M. Kirby, Greenfield.

One company, Captain D. A. W. Morehouse, Lebanon.


Brigadier General JAMES CRAIG.

4th, 30th, 44th, and 57th Provisional Regiments (twenty-seven companies), Colonel John H. Shanklin, Chillicothe.

Two companies, Captain William G. Garth, Liberty.

One company, Captain Edward Schelsky, Weston.

One company, Captain James Castor, Albany.

Four companies, Captain G. W. McCullough, Plattsburg.

33rd Regiment (one company), Captain Jacob Woodruff Gallatin.

One company, Captain George W. Baskins, Oregon.

4th and 51st Regiments (five companies), Major John Grimes, Richmond.

87th Regiment (four companies), Lieutenant Colonel Orlando G. McDonald, stewartsville.

33rd and 81st Regiments (seven companies), Major William D. McDonald, Hamilton.

33rd Regiment (two companies), Lieutenant William H. Anderson, Breckinridge.

81st and 87th Regiments and artillery company (six companies), Colonel James W. Strong, St. Joseph.

One company, Lieutenant James Mylar, Kingston.

31st, 87th, and 88th Regiments (eight companies), Major David Cranor, Platte Bridge.