War of the Rebellion: Serial 086 Page 0329 Chapter LIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- UNION.

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Third day: First column, to Mud Creek, near Georgetown. Second column, to Blackwater, where west road from Marshall to Georgetown crosses it. Third column, to Elmwood.

Fourth day: First column, on Georgetown and Boonville road; camp on little stream four mile beyond Pleasant Green. Second column, down Blackwater to camp near Ridge Prairie. Third column, to Marshall.

Fifth day: First and second columns, to Boonville. Third Column, to Arrow Rock.

Rations will be issued to the columns of this division from wagons sent from Knobnoster by way of Dunksburg. In this movement of columns the infantry will be deployed as skirmishers, sweeping all the timbered country until, in case of the Third Division, it reaches Lexington. After leaving Lexington clean out the river bottom in the same way, and seize the boonville ferry-boat, which is somewhat below Lexington. Division commanders will avail themselves of the services of citizens and militia whenever they can be found. The First Division will scout the country in the same manner. Each brigade commander will keep a diary of his march and a memoranda of events. All troops must reach the missouri River by Friday, 4th proximo, at Boonville, Glasgow, and Arrow Rock.

Commanding officers of columns must be enjoined to treat the inhabitants with justice and humanity, giving receipts for all forage, &c., taken. The object of this movement is to thoroughly clean the country of bushwhackers, who are to be treated as outlaws. All Confederate soldiers, whether stragglers or not, clothed in our uniform will be treated in the same manner. Men pretending to be Price's conscripts will be arrested and sent to Saint Louis to the provost-marshal-general. On reaching the Missouri River means of crossing will be supplied at Boonville, Glasgow, and Arrow Rock. The Third Division will march by Fayette, Columbia, Williamsburg, and Danville; thence by most direct route to the vicinity of Saint Charles. Expect orders at warrenton by telegraph designating the point at which you will embark for Cairo. The First Division, crossing at Boonville and Arrow Rock, will move by most direct route through Columbia to South Charles. All requisitions for the command will be sent at once to these headquarters, so that they can be filled in time to meet troops at point of embarkation. All spare ammunition will be sent to Saint Louis, via Jefferson City, to be loaded upon transportation there. A list of all absentees now in the department, with the place at which they now are, will be sent these headquarters as soon a practicable. All wagons belonging to this department not required for this movement to be sent to Jefferson City. All other wagons belonging to this department to be turned over at Saint Charles, Mo.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain and Assistant Adjutant-General.

WARRENSBURG, MO., October 30, 1864.

Major General A. J. SMITH,

Pleasant Hill:

Captain Hodges, assistant quartermaster, Fort Leavenworth, has been asked to send a boat to Independence Landing. The general wishes you to detail one regiment from your western column to go down