War of the Rebellion: Serial 084 Page 1008 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS- MISSISSIPPI Chapter LIII.

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[Inclosure No. 1.]

FORT SMITH, July 5, 1864.

The Ninth Kansas started for Little Rock on the 2nd instant. The Eleventh Negro Regiment and four companies of the First Arkansas Cavalry started for Little Rock on the 1st instant. The Second and Sixth Kansas Cavalry were ordered, but the Ninth Cavalry, the Eleventh Negro, and four companies of the First Arkansas were sent in their stead. The Fourteenth Kansas was under marching orders for Fayetteville on the 6th instant. The remainder of Thayer's forces are as follows: Eighteenth Iowa Infantry, 400; Second Kansas Cavalry, 500; Sixth Kansas Cavalry, 400; Twelfth Kansas Cavalry, 400; Thirteenth Kansas Infantry, 300; First Negro, 500; Thirteenth and Third (consolidated) Negro Regiments, 700; First Arkansas Infantry, 700; three batteries, fourteen guns in all, 6- pounder and 10- pounder guns; four howitzers,in addition, commanding the bottom in the direction of Poteau. The spirits of the troops are low;want to go home. Times were out on the 1st of June; pressed for sixty days; deserting by squads every chance in numbers of fourteen and fifteen, &c. Yankees say that when the Southern troops attack this place they will take it very easily. The names of colonels of regiments are not material, as I mentioned them some time ago. The enemy overrate their forces here about one- half. Don't think there are more than 2,500 men, and not over 2,000 fighting men in the place, as all the regiments are mere skeletons of the same.


Captain Parks reports the same as the above; also that the Second Kansas Cavalry are going to Kansas to be disbanded; that there are only eight pieces of cannon in Fort Smith, the rest being off with Cloud.* * * Federals report our cavalry on the north side oft he Arkansas at Little Rock, and their communication cut off, and Price marching up on the south side- the place as good as taken. Four months' supplies at Fort Smith.



In th Field, July 9, 1864.

Respectfully forwarded for General Maxey's information, together with plan of fortifications and a number of Northern newspapers.

The information is derived from a reliable source, but it is most singular that no intelligence of General Price's movements are received from Southern and official sources. I think every available man and cannon should be sent to the front at once, and held in readiness to avail ofthe opportunity which will soon offer to take Fort Smith.


Brigadier- General.

[Inclosure Numbers 2.]


Fort Towson, May 31, 1864.


Commanding District of Arkansas:

GENERAL: * * * My forces are now concentrated at Johnson's Station, on the overland road from Fort Smith to Preston, Tex., forty- five miles east of Boggy Depot, near the junction ofthe above- named road with the emigrant road leading by way of Fort Gibson, North Fork Town, Perryville, and Boggy Depot, to Preston. Johnson's Station