War of the Rebellion: Serial 084 Page 0713 Chapter LIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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247, with 174 serviceable and 42 unserviceable horses. The horses were very fine, and the arms, equipments, and clothing good, but they are very short of officers. Sanitary condition good. Battery--Inspected August 8. Aggregate able-bodied, 122; neither teams nor horses. Rams Switzerland and Mosaic: In good order and effective both as gun-boats and rams; artillerists, crews, and officers good. Aggregate effective, 64.

It is my duty to report that on the 15th of May last, Mr. A. Hagewisch, of New Orleans, shipped from Yazoo City to Vicksburg, by the transport Fairchild of the Marine Brigade, by order of Brigadier-General Ellet, 129 bales of cotton, and the said Hagewisch has made affidavit to Captain G. Q. White, assistant quartermaster of the brigade, that he paid Captain John R. Crandall, of the cavalry (who commanded that steamer), $25 per bale freight on the same, but Captain White received from Captain Crandall only $5 per bale for the same. Captain Crandall was absent from the command during my visit.


I visited this post on the 8th instant. It is defended by an earthwork on the bank of the river, and has a sufficient garrison of about 1,140 effectives who are armed. It is not recommended to set aside any reserve force at this post.

The following is the result of the inspection: Sixty-sixth U. S. Infantry (colored)- Aggregate effective strength, 524. Sanitary condition not good; sick, 126. Arms, equipments, and clothing good; discipline and instruction not bad. Officers tolerable. This regiment has been in bad condition, but is improvising. It has two wagons, two horses, and thirty-four mules. Fifty-first U. S. Infantry (colored)-Aggregate effective force, 429. This regiment was in good order as to arms, equipments, clothing, and discipline. Instruction fair. Officers pretty good. Camp and police guard. Sanitary condition not bad. They had six six-mule teams and four horses. First Battalion, Third U. S. Cavalry (colored)-Aggregate able-bodied, 252, of which only about 100 are mounted on horses and mules and armed. I refer to my report from Vicksburg regarding the Second and Third Battalions of this regiment; the same remarks will apply to this. Battery D, Second U. S. Light Artillery (colored)-Aggregate effective, 87. They have four captured brass pieces with caissons and an outfit of mules. It is a pretty good company, in good order and progressing in instruction and drill; they handle their guns well. The post quartermaster and commissary departments were found in order; the formed had four horses, eight mules,and ten wagons.

The same system of open lines and the same liberty of passing goods into the rebel dominions which has existed at the other posts on the river were found here. The quantity of supplies permitted to go out has been constantly increasing here. In May, $5,164 was passed out; in June, $15,096, and in July, $24,331. I put a stop to this by issuing the same instructions as were issued at Milliken's Bend.


At this place I found one company of infantry, which belonged to a brigade stationed some distance up White River. Their effective force is about forty men, and they are guarding about 200 bushels of commissary stores which lie on a bank. They also guard a wood-yards.