War of the Rebellion: Serial 084 Page 0426 Chapter LIII. LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI.

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At a meeting of the citizens of Edina, held on the evening of the 27th of July, 1864, for the purpose of taking action in reference to the condition of the country and for the calling out of the Fiftieth Regiment Enrolled Missouri Militia, or a part of them, for active service, Peter Early, sr., was called to the chair, and James C. Agnew was appointed secretary. The object of the meeting being stated by the chairman and others present, on motion it was ordered that a committee of three be appointed to draw up resolutions expressive of the sense of the meeting, whereupon the chair appointed E. V. Wilson, esq., John Dougherty, and John Winterbottom said committee. The committee retired for the purpose of drawing up resolutions to submit to the meeting. During their absence appropriate remarks were made by Messrs. Hillis, Colonel Wirt, Captain Poe, Peter Early, sr., Peter Haines, and others; all showing the necessity of immediate action in view of the present condition of affairs in our country and in the bordering counties. The committee as above returned and submitted the following resolutions, which were read and unanimously adopted:

First. We deem the loyal citizens of our county at this time in danger of personal violence, and of having their property stolen or destroyed.

Second. We suggest as an effectual guarantee against the murder of our citizens and the theft of their property, that Colonel S. M. Wirt, commanding Fiftieth Regiment Enrolled Missouri Militia, be requested to place on duty forthwith one company of eighty-five men (mounted), together with such officers as may be necessary to take command of said company.

Third. That said company will be sufficient to scout over the county and learn of the presence of any hostile force, their number, designs, &c., and report the facts, and in the event of there being a larger force of the enemy than said company can rout, the captain or officer commanding said company shall call to his assistance a force sufficient to do whatever service may be necessary, which may be done by calling for volunteers or by an order from Colonel Wirt.

Fourth. Deeming the residence in many cases of the families of the rebels now prowling in the brush among us and the residence of their friends and sympathizers being here the principal inducement to cause them to return to this part of the country, we deem it nothing more than justice that these relatives and friends of the guerrillas be called upon to defray a portion of the expense incurred necessary to subsist said company. They would willingly, if they dare, give aid to these thieves and fiends in human form, and ought to be compelled to subsist force their presence makes necessary.

Fifth. We suggest the appointment of a committee of three to raise contributions of provisions, forage, and horses to supply the company proposed to be called out and placed on active duty.

Sixth. We recommend that as many members of this company as may not have horses call on the committee above named, make known the fact, and that said committee, if possible, procure whatever number of horses and equipments may be needed.

The chairman appointed, on motion, a committee of five, William Hills, esq., chairman, to draw up a memorial or petition to Major-General Rosecrans, requesting him to issue such orders as may be for the good of this community.

The chairman, also on motion, appointed a committee of three in accordance with the fifth resolution. On motion of Colonel S. M. Wirt, Father McManary was appointed as messenger to proceed forthwith