War of the Rebellion: Serial 084 Page 0294 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter LIII.

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of my best and extraordinary endeavor to prevent lawless conduct on the part of this force. I believe the response will be prompt and generous. I shall give my personal supervision to the organization and conduct of the troops, and hope to give you a good account of their service.



SAINT LOUIS, July 20, 1864.

General FISK:

The general commanding approves of your views in reference to calling out the 5,000 militia for a few days' service. General Craig should make the call them, with your approval, as he is authorized agent of the State authorities. There is no necessity for uniforming the men thus called out, as their services will be but of a few days. They must have their own horses, and such arms as you can get when they have not their own. Issue rations to them whenever practicable. The Governor has been asked to call out General Craig to report to you. You must use extraordinary endeavors to prevent outrages contingent upon putting in the field such a mass of unorganized and undisciplined men.

SAINT JOSEPH, MO., July 20, 1864.

Colonel O. D. GREENE,

Assistant Adjutant-General:

I have this morning issued to the loyal men of Northwest Missouri the following appeal:



Five thousand true and loyal men, with each a horse and such arms as they may have or can procure, and ammunition therefor, are hereby requested, without delay,to rally for the protection of life and property,and the extermination of the Confederate guerrilla forces that infest Northwest Missouri. The emergency for this force is so great that I deem it fatal to your best interest to delay this call until details can be made by the State authorities or U. S. troops be transferred from other district to this. Your neighbors are being murdered and their property given to the torch; houseless widows and orphans are fleeing to military posts; hundreds of Unionists are daily pleading at my headquarters for protection that I am unable to afford from the limited force at my command. Their abundant harvest is rapidly going to waste. In the name of loyalty,humanity, and a Christian civilization I implore you delay not in your response to this appeal. Let us save North Missouri from the destruction that has fallen upon her southern and western borders. Requisitions upon the State and National authorities have been made for troops, and so soon as they are filled the necessity for this organization will cease. It is preferable that companies or battalions of the Enrolled Missouri Militia come as such in their own organizations but it is expected that hundreds who are not liable to military duty will shoulder their muskets in this emergency. The brigadier-general of Enrolled Missouri Militia in this district detail by proper order companies or battalions, that may report as such. The force will be organized and commanded by the best of officers. It is recommended that townships take immediate action, and through proper committees furnish every man a horse and gun that can be spared. Let the rich man supply the poor man with a horse for this service. Those who do not respond to this