War of the Rebellion: Serial 084 Page 0278 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter LIII.

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Major Gorman, First Cavalry California Volunteers, with Company I, of that regiment,now at Tubac, you will direct to proceed at once to Fort Goodwin. Two wagons will suffice for company baggage, &c. Company L, First Cavalry California Volunteers, will remain at Tubac. Company A, First Infantry New Mexico Volunteers,will garrison Fort Bowie. Supplies now at Tucson and to arrive there will be distributed to the tree posts above named pro rata to the garrisons thereof, estimating for full companies, except those supplies necessary for current use at Tucson, and not disregarding altogether the present supplies at said posts with the contingent demands the service will make thereon. Supplies to arrive should proceed via the most direct and practicable route to their place of destination; but for want of transportation,public or private, those supplies coming via Guaymas, Sonora, will be stored at Tubac, which,to this extent,will be at temporary depot. Such articles of quartermaster store, &c., as will not be needed at the several posts for some time, send to Fort Bowie. The thirty men mule teams en route, from California may be used in the execution of these changes, &c., if absolutely necessary. Break up as early as you can the depot at Tucson. Withdraw the vedettes stationed thence to Fort Yuma with the last train which is to come from Fort Yuma. Have all just dues for rent, &c., paid, and then proceed with the companies of your regiment stationed at Tucson and Fort Bowie and Camp Mimbres to Las Cruces, N. Mex., where it is destined they should arrive by September 30, 1864, and be mustered out of service at the proper day. It will be necessary for you to proceed at once in person to Tubac and have made ready the Government buildings, and others, if required, to receive the public stores. More complete repairs,if needed, can be made after the stores are housed. I depend upon your well known energy, good judgment, forecast, execution of duties, and efficiency as an officer,to effect these objects satisfactorily and in the shortest possible time. Avoid,if possible, by a non-divulgence of your operations and objects a "nervous affection" of the public pulse of Tucson. If the subsistence stores from Guaymas have arrived it will only necessary to transport the quartermaster's stores at Fort Yuma. Notify Department of the Pacific and post of Fort Whipple by last return of express to those places of the withdrawal of our express on that route. Fort Whipple must then communicate with the east by an express route to Zuni and Fort Wingate.

I am, colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

HDQRS. DIST. OF MINNESOTA, DEPT. OF THE NORTHWEST, Saint Paul, Minn., July 19, 1864.

Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM PFAENDER,

Commanding Second Sub-District, Fort Ridgely:

COLONEL: Your dispatch of 15th instant has been received. You were right in your instructions of the order respecting Company I, Second [Minnesota] Cavalry. The question of escort to Captain Fisk's party was left to Major Clowney to decide upon the prudence of dispatching one company part of the way from Fort Wadsworth to the Missouri,that duty being devolved upon Company I in case the major decided upon its expediency after receiving full information from the