War of the Rebellion: Serial 084 Page 0272 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter LIII.

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Enrolled Missouri Militia, a reliable man, who has just left the scene of their depredations. I have just come from Utica to send you the information. There are no soldiers at Utica and but few at Chillicothe. Can you send us some help?


Judge Circuit Court.

SAINT JOSEPH, July 19, 1864.

Judge CLARK,


I have not a single soldier that I can send from here. I have ordered the Brookfield force to come to your aid immediately. Let any man that can shoot a gun turn out and wage a war of extermination against the fiends.



SAINT JOSEPH, July 19, 1864.


Glasgow, Mo.:

Thornton and his Confederate fiends are to-day in the southwest corner of Livingston County. I think they will move down the river counties. Be on the lookout for them. They are gathering strength as they go, and are about 350 strong now.



GLASGOW, MO., July 19, 1864.

Brigadier General C. B. FISK,

Saint Joseph, Mo.:

DEAR GENERAL: We feel it our duty to give you a few items of news, and knowing the great interest you have taken in our welfare we feel you will receive it in the same spirit it is given, in kindness. Mr. Holtzlaw has again returned to his old quarters, some four or five miles southeast of our place. On last Sunday evening he took supper at Mr. Minor's, the same place he breakfasted at one week before on his way up county. He had twenty-five men with min on Sunday. This morning we hear of him five miles from here,south of the Fayette road, at Mr. Andrews', with fifty men. We also learn that about the same number of men were in the forks of Chariton yesterday. They seem to be springing up on all sides, as we can hear of squads of them on all sides. Our pickets were fired at this morning at 3 o'clock. They were stationed at the bridge below our Mr. B. W. Lewis' house. Only one shot was fired, perhaps by a citizen. Our re-enforcements,per steamer Iatan, I think were just in time to save us,as Major Leonard had only sent us twenty men. From present indications we think it will be about all the boys can do, with the assistance of the citizens, to hold the post. From a dispatch from Colonel McFerran, at Lexington, we fear that your Platte County delegates, under Thornton, are coming here. They were in Ray County yesterday,headed this way. We are getting along slowly in organizing, but will succeed in getting fifty good men,mostly from Chariton Bottom, who will,when armed and equipped, be of great service