War of the Rebellion: Serial 084 Page 0204 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter LIII.

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KANSAS CITY, July 15, 1864.


I have just returned from District of Northwest Missouri, Platte and Clay Counties. My command is now at Liberty. I shall return to-night. Colonel Thornton's band of rebels is broken up in small bands and scattered through the country. I shall make my headquarters at Liberty and scout from there. I would respectfully suggest that the citizens of those counties should not be armed. Nine out of ten are disloyal and have aided Thornton in recruiting his forces. They take loyalty like gin and sugar and pass it off just as easy. I have killed no citizens; none but those that were in arms fighting us; but any amount of the citizens need killing. Nine out of ten of the citizens are assisting Thornton, giving him all the information and keeping everything from me. I would respectfully recommend that troops be sent in that section to remain permanently or we shall have more trouble. All the arms that are sent in there will go into hands of bushwhackers.



SAINT LOUIS, MO., July 15, 1864.

Colonel FORD, Kansas City:

Pursue Thornton and his men to the death. Warn all citizens against any that offer aid or assistance to him. Inform them all who counsel, carry information or conceal or refuse information, will be dealt with as enemies, and their lives and property will pay the penalty. Allow no disorder nor robberies. Get full information and act without hesitation on your best judgment to punish all who have been in this outbreak. Inform the inhabitants who are implicated, and publish everywhere that bad faith of the most infamous character has been added to treason, and that it is impossible for them to expect anything but justice from our hands. Remain in that region until further orders, acting as above directed. On full information seize the persons and property of the leading citizens who have been engaged in the outbreak. If any resistance or rescue be attempted, deal with them as bushwhackers. There will soon be troops at Glasgow and along the North Missouri Railroad. I have a good opinion of the Second Colorado, and look for results to more than vindicate it. Keep me advised.



KANSAS CITY, July 15, 1864.

Major-General CURTIS:

Arrived to-night. Brigade is at Liberty. Major Curtis commands in my name. Shall return to-night. Will make my headquarters there and scout all the country. Country is full of rebels. No reliance to be placed in citizens.


Colonel, Commanding.


Colonel James H. Ford, commanding Northwest Missouri, desires to meet the people of Platte County, of all parties, in Platte City, on Friday next, the 22nd day of July. The object is to concert some plan to rid