War of the Rebellion: Serial 082 Page 0778 OPERATIONS IN SE.VA. AND N.C. Chapter LII.

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each, viz, one man at the windlass, one man dumping the earth, and two men carrying out and hoisting the earth; each sub-section will work three hours and rest three hours. The strength of those detachments to be increased as the length of the gallery increases, and unforeseen circumstances may require.

Third. At Pegram's salient the senior officer will have charge, generally a sergeant in charge and a corporal in charge of one of the detachments, two detachments being required to work constantly at this salient.

Fourth. At Colquitt's salient each detachment will be in charge of a sergeant, as only one detachment will be on duty at this salient at a time.

Fifth. There being three mines will require the command to be formed into 6 detachments of 6 non-commissioned officers and 84 men, making a total of 90 men.

Sixth. The detachments will be numbered from 1 to 6, inclusive, Nos. 1 and 2,3 and 4,5 and 6, will operate together; Nos.1 and 2 forming the first division, Nos.3 and 4 the second division, and Nos.5 and 6 the third division.


Captain, Engineer Troops, Charge of Mining, &c.

CAMP ENGINEER TROOPS, Blandford, July 15, 1864.

Lieutenant JOHN POSTELL,

Engineer Corps:

LIEUTENANT: At Colquitt's salient the gallery has been driven in a distance of 5 feet. A day detachment has relieved the night detachment, and the work in this gallery will hereafter go on regularly, the day and night detachments relieving each other alternately. At Pegram's salient gallery at shaft No. 1 has been carried forward a distance of 16 feet; the gallery at shaft No. 2 has been carried forward a distance of 20 feet. Day detachments have relieved the night detachments at shafts Nos.1 and 2. Hereafter the work will be continued at those galleries without interruption. A force of sixty men from Ransom's and Wise's brigades, ordered by Major-General Johnson to report for the purpose to me for duty with my company. With this force I hope to be able to form full detachments for mining operations and extend the galleries rapidly forward. We are in want of three post augurs to be used in boring forward from the heading of the galleries. We will require candles for our night work, one pound per night.

Very respectfully, your, &c.,


Captain, Engineer Troops, in Charge Mining Operations.

CAMP ENGINEER TROOPS, Blandford, July 15, 1864.

Captain R. E. FOOTE,

Assistant Adjutant-General:

CAPTAIN: A number of men from Generals Ransom's and Wise's brigades have been ordered to report to me to work in the mines on