War of the Rebellion: Serial 082 Page 0766 OPERATIONS IN SE.VA. AND N.C. Chapter LII.

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No. 163. Richmond, July 12, 1864.

I. The following schedules of prices for articles named therein, adopted by commissioners appointed pursuant to law for the State of Virginia, are announced for the information of all concerned; and the special attention of officers and agents of the Government is directed thereto:

RICHMOND, VA., July 8, 1864.


SIR: The commissioners of appraisement for the State of Virginia, after consultation with several of our most prominent farmers and leading millers and business men of Richmond, have agreed upon the annexed schedules of prices, designated A and B. We respectfully present them with the understanding that the prices are to remain for the months of July and August, unless in the interval it should be deemed necessary and proper to modify them. Acting for the State, and in absence of all market prices usually established by large dealers and gentleman of capital and intelligence, regularly and extensively engaged in business, we cannot properly allow occasional extreme rates offered for articles of consumption by private parties in different localities to govern our prices, whether the rates thus proposed by consumers are extravagantly high or comparatively low; but we have endeavored to adopt a just and reasonable average price, because the Government will pay, with were few exceptions, the same rates in all portions of the State. As the currency has depreciated greatly below the specie standard, and there is, in addition, but a small quantity of grain, accompanied with a very great demand for consumption, we have given due consideration to all the varied interests involved, and endeavored to adjust prices upon a reasonable basis.

At this critical juncture the public exigencies, coupled with benevolent considerations toward the non-producing classes, and a large number of persons rendered penniless by the ravages of war, it is to be hoped, will not appeal in vain to our generous and enlightened producers of the great necessaries of life, but, by invoking, will secure their aid and co-operation in achieving their country's independence, as well as in ameliorating the condition of the destitute and needy. Entertaining these views, we indulge the hope that a commendable sense of public duty will induce all parties to accept our rates as just and fair. The following prices are to be the maximum rates to be paid for the articles impressed in all cities and usual places of sale, and when impressed on the farms or elsewhere the same prices are to be paid. Whenever, after impressment, it is desirable to remove articles to points for public use, then only will the Government pay the freight, &c. Under existing circumstances we have deemed it not only just, but most likely to favor increased production, that producers in future should not be required to transport their surplus productions when impressed, but that the agents of the Government should employ or impress the neighborhood or county wagons and teams to haul all such articles, and so divide the work between the owners of wagons and teams as to be least prejudicial to those successfully engaged in agriculture.


Articles Quality Description Quantity Price

1 Wheat... Prime... White or Per $30.00

red bushel of

60 pounds

2 Flour... Good,fine - Per 132.00

barrel of



...do... Good, - ...do... 150.00


...do... Good, ex. - ...do... 159.00


...do... Good, - ...do... 168.00


3 Corn Prime White or Per 24.00

yellow bushel of

56 pounds

4 Unshelled ...do... ...do... ...do... 23.70


5 Corn meal Good - Per 25.20

bushel of

50 pounds

6 Rye Prime - Per 19.20

bushel of

56 pounds

7 Cleaned ...do... - Per 15.00

oats bushel of

32 pounds

8 Wheat Good - Per 3.00

bran bushel of

17 pounds

9 Shorts ...do... - Per 4.20

bushel of

22 pounds

10 Brown ...do... - Per 5.40

stuff bushel of

28 pounds