War of the Rebellion: Serial 082 Page 0736 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LII.

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Reserve Brigade.

Brigadier General WESLEY MERRITT.

19th New York (1st Dragoons), Colonel Alfred Gibbs.

6th Pennsylvania, Major James Starr.

1st Rhode Island, (eight companies), Major Preston M. Farrington.

1st United States, Captain Nelson B. Sweitzer.

2nd United States, Captain David S. Gordon.

5th United States,* Lieutenant Jeremiah C. Denney.


Brigadier General DAVID McM. GREGG.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General HENRY E. DAVIES, Jr.

1st Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel Samuel E. Chamberlain.

1st New Jersey, Lieutenant Colonel John W. Kester.

10th New York, Lieutenant Colonel William Irvine.

6th Ohio, Colonel William Stedman.

1st Pennsylvania, Colonel John P. Taylor.

Second Brigade.


1st Maine, Major Sidney W. Thaxter.

2nd Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph P. Brinton.

4th Pennsylvania, Major William M. Biddle.

8th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Wilson.

13th Pennsylvania, Major George F. McCabe.

16th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel John K. Robison.


Brigadier General JAMES H. WILSON.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General JOHN B. McINTOSH.

1st Connecticut, Major George O. Marcy.

3rd New Jersey, Lieutenant Colonel Charles C. Suydam.

2nd New York, Colonel Otto Harhaus.

5th New York, Lieutenant Colonel William P. Bacon.

2nd Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel George A. Purington.

18th Pennsylvania, Major John W. Phillips.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General GEORGE H. CHAPMAN.

3rd Indiana (six companies), Major William Patton.

1st New Hamsphire, (seven companies), Colonel John L. Thompson.

8th New York, Lieutenant Colonel William H. Benjamin.

22nd New York, Major Caleb Moore.

1st Vermont, Colonel William Wells.



1st United States, Batteries H and I, Captain Alansom M. Randol.

2nd United States, Battery A, Lieutenant W Neil Dennison.

2nd United States, Battery B and L, Lieutenant Edward Heaton.

2nd United States, Battery D, Lieutenant Edward B. Williston.

2nd United States, Battery M, Lieutenant Alexander C. M. Pennington, jr.

3rd United States, Battery C, Captain Dunbar R. Ransom.

4th United States, Batteries C and E, Lieutenant Charles L. Fitzhugh.


*Companies B, F, and K, under Captain Julius W. Mason, detailed as escort to Lieutenant General U. S. Grant.