War of the Rebellion: Serial 081 Page 0725 Chapter LII. ORGANIZATIONS MENTIONED.

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Kiddo's (Joseph B.) Infantry. See Union Troops, Colored, 22 d Regiment.

Kinkead's (Isaac G.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 148th Regiment.

Kleckner's (Charles) Cavalry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 5th Regiment.

Kleintz's (Christopher) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 184th Regiment.

Knapp's (Lyman E.) Infantry. See Vermont Troops, 17th Regiment.

Knight's (Napoleon B.) Cavalry. See Delaware Troops, 1st Regiment.

Knowles' (Oliver B.) Cavalry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 21st Regiment.

Korte's (Frederick) Heavy Artillery. See Pennsylvania Troops, 3rd Regiment, Battery M.

Kreutzer's (William) Infantry. See New York Troops, 98th Regiment.

La Motte's (Charles E.) Infantry. See Delaware Troops, 4th Regiment.

Lane's (Nathaniel P.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 66th Regiment.

Lang's (Nathaniel) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 121st Regiment.

Langdon's (Loomis L.) Artillery. See Union Troops, Regulars, 1st Regiment, Battery M.

Larkins' (James E.) Infantry. See New Hampshire Troops, 5th Regiment.

Leahy's (Michael) Artillery. See Union Troops, regulars, 1st regiment, Battery B.

Lee's (Henry) Infantry. See Connecticut Troops, 14th Regiment.

Lee's (John C.) Infantry. See New Troops, 99th Regiment.

Lee's (Richard H.) Artillery. See New Troops, 16th Battery.

Leech's (William A.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 90th Regiment.

Lessig's (William H.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 96th Regiment.

Lewis' (George W.) Cavalry. See New York Troops, 3rd Regiment.

Lewis' (John R.) Infantry. See Vermont Troops, 5th Regiment.

Lincoln's (Theodore, jr.) Infantry. See Maine Troops, 6th Regiment.

Lindley's (John M.) Infantry. See India Troops, 19th Regiment.

Lockwood's (Abram L.) See New York Troops, 74th Regiment.

Long's (John S.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 93rd Regiment.

Lord's (Newton B.) Cavalry. See New York Troops, 20th Regiment.

Louisiana Guard Artillery. See Louisiana Troops.

Lubey's (Timothy) Engineers. See New York Troops, 15th Regiment.

Luce's (Constant) Infantry. See Michigan Troops, 17th Regiment.

Ludlow's (Israel) Artillery. See Union Troops, Regulars, 5th Regiment, Battery A.

Luming's (Adolph) Infantry. See Union Troops, Regulars, 10th Regiment.

Lynch's (James C.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 183rd Regiment.

McAllister's (Robert) Infantry. See New Jersey Troops, 11th Regiment.

McAnerney's (John, jr.) Infantry. See Virginia Troops, 3rd Battalion, Local Defense.

McCartney's (William H.) Artillery. See Massachusetts Troops, 21st

(A) Battery.

McClennan's (Matthew R.) Infantry. see Pennsylvania Troops, 138th Regiment.

McComas Artillery. see Virginia Troops.

McCoy's (De Witt C.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 83rd Regiment.

McCoy's (Thomas F.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 107th Regiment.

McDevitt's (Martin) Artillery. See Wisconsin Troops, 4th Battery.

McDonald's (John B.) Sharpshooters. See New York Troops, 1st Battalion.

Macfarlan's (John G. C.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 95th Regiment.

McGregor's (William M.) Artillery. See Virginia Troops.

McIlwaine's (William) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 102nd Regiment.

McIntyre's (Martin V.) Artillery. See New York Troops, 7th Battery.

McKaig's (William J.) Infantry. See Delaware Troops, 3rd Regiment.

McKay's (William) Infantry. See Massachusetts Troops, 27th Regiment.

McKean's (James L.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 139th Regiment.

McKnight's (George F.) Artillery. See New York Troops, 12th Battery.

McKnight's (James) Artillery. See Union Troops, Regular, 5th Regiment, Battery M.

McMahon's (Andrew R.) Artillery. See New York Troops, 15th Battery.

McNary's (William H.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 158th Regiment.

Macon Artillery. See Georgia Troops.