War of the Rebellion: Serial 081 Page 0611 Chapter LII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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II. A profile of the gallery showing its width in framed and unframed places and the width of the powder chamber.

III. (a) When was the mining work begun? (State day and hour.)

(b) Has it been continued night and day without any interruption, and how many men were and are engaged on it at the same time? (c) When will the gallery be finished?

IV. What kind of soil is probably to be expected around the powder chamber?

V. What is the intended weight of the charge, and what is the expected diameter of the crater measured on its surface?

VI. By what means shall the mine be fired, supposed that it shall be fired as soon as possible and with the least loss of time?

VII. What means shall be used for tamping the mine, and at what length shall this be done?

VIII. Where shall be the stand-point of the miner firing the charge? (Distance from the latter, &c.)

IX. At what time in the day shall the mine be fired?

X. What measures are premeditated by the engineer department in accordance with the [sic] commanding general to secure the possession of the crater effected by the mine and to facilitate its defense?

The questions above should be answered without delay and as shortly as possible only with reference to its numbers, i. e., answer to III, a, b, c, &c., IV, &c.


Brigadier-General, Chief Engineer U. S. Armies in the Field.



Near Petersburg, Va., July 7, 1864.

Answer to question 2: The gallery or tunnel is supported by props along its whole course at a distance from each other ranging from three to thirty feet, according to the nature of the roof. When the tunnel reaches a point immediately underneath the enemy's breast-works it is proposed to drive two galleries, each about 100 feet in length, whose position will be immediately underneath the enemy's fort and breast-work.

Answer to question 3: (a) At 12 m. on the 25th of June, 1864.

(b) The mining has been carried on without interruption since it was begun. There are 210 men employed every twenty-four hours, but only two can mine at a time at the extremity of the work. (c) The tunnel will reach the enemy's work in about seven of eight days.

Answer to question 4: Sandy soil.

Answers to questions 5,6,7,8,9, and 10 still under consideration. The mine is ventilated by means by means of an air-shaft, with a furnace to rarify the air and boxes to convey the gases from the interior of the gallery to the shaft.


Lieutenant-Colonel Forty-eighth Pennsylvania Regiment.


Major-General PARKE:

GENERAL: I have the honor to report that the night passed with unusual quiet on my front. I commenced a new covered way last night,