War of the Rebellion: Serial 081 Page 0544 OPERATIONS IN SE.VA. AND N.C. Chapter LII.

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Second Brigade.

Colonel JAMES P. McIVOR.

155th New York, Captain Michael Doran.

164th New York, Captain Bernard O'Reilly.

170th New York, Major John B. Donnelly.

182nd New York (69th New York National Guard Artillery),

Captain Robert Heggart.

8th New York Heavy Artillery, Major Erastus M. Spaulding.

Third Brigade.


14th Connecticut, Captain Henry Lee.

1st Delaware, Major William F. Smith.

12th New Jersey, Major Richard S. Thompson.

10th New York (battalion), Lieutenant Colonel George F. Hopper.

108th New York, Captain William H. Andrews.

4th and 8th Ohio (battalion), Lieutenant Frnak J. Spalter.

69th Pennsylvania, Major William Davis.

72nd Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Henry A. Cook.

106th Pennsylvania, Captain John R. Breitenbach.

7th West Virginia (battalion), Captain Isaac B. Fisher.


Major General DAVID B. BIRNEY.

First Brigade.


20th Indiana, Colonel William C. L. Taylor.

17th Maine, Major Erasmus C. Gilbreath.

40th New York, Major Emmons F. Fletcher.

86th New York, Major Michael B. Stafford.

124th New York, Captain Henry S. Murray.

99th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Edwin R. Biles.

110th Pennsylvania, Captain Williams Stewart.

141st Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Casper W. Tyler.

2nd U. S. Sharpshooters, Captain Adolphus A. Guest.

4th New York Heavy Artillery, 1st Battalion, Major Thomas D. Sears.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General BYRON R. PIERCE.

5th Michigan, Lieutenant Colonel John Pulford.

93rd New York, Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin C. Butler.

57th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel William B. Neeper.

63rd Pennsylvania, Captain Willaim P. Hunker.

105th Pennsylvania, Colonel Alvin A. Craig.

1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, Major Nathaniel Shatswell.

4th New York Heavy Artillery, 2nd Battalion, Major William Arthur.

1st U. S. Sharpshooters, Captain John Wilson.

Third Brigade.

Brigadier General GERISHOM MOTT.

16th Massachusetts, Major Samuel W. Richardson.

5th New Jersey, Captain Thomas C. Goodfrey.

6th New Jersey, Lieutenant Colonel Stephen R. Gilkyson.

7th New Jersey, Captain Thomas C. Thompson.

8th New Jersey, Major Virgil M. Healy.

11th New Jersey, Colonel Robert McAllister.

1st Maine Heavy Artillery, Colonel Daniel Chaplin.

Fourth Brigade.


11th Massachusetts (battalion), Captain Charles C. Rivers.

71st New York, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Rafferty.

73rd New York, Lieutenant Colonel Michael W. Burns.

74th New York, Major Abram L. Lockwood.

120th New York,* Lieutenant Colonel John R. Tappen.

84th Pennsylvania, Captain John R. Ross.


*72nd New York (three companies) attached.