War of the Rebellion: Serial 081 Page 0441 Chapter LII. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.-UNION.

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roads, when a staff officer by a ride of a very few miles might have set everything straight. One or the other of these alternatives cannot be avoided. It does not seem to me necessary to make further comment upon the indorsement of Colonel Morgan at present.



Brigadier-General, Commanding Division.

[Fifth indorsement.]


Respectfully referred to Colonel Morgan, assistant inspector-general, who will please state all the orders General Barlow received through him from Major-General Hancock on that date in reference to the route of his march. If written, to file copies of them with this, unless contained in General Barlow's communication where they can be referred to; if verbal, to state what they were.

By command of Major-General Hancock:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

[Sixth indorsement.]


In accordance with written indorsements, I have the honor to state that Brigadier-General Barlow received the following orders from me on the 16th:

The original order of march stated that the corps would move to the position behind Harrison's Creek, the language of General Meade's dispatch being repeated. General Barlow's division was last in the order of march. When it was determined to send the First Division by the interior road, as mentioned within, the following order, as nearly as my memory serves me, was sent to General Barlow by Captain Driver:

The map has been found to be very erroneous, and to reach the position assigned the corps the Second and Third Divisions will turn to the right toward Old Court-House, following the dotted line on the map sent herewith. The major-general commanding directs that your division, followed by the trains, take the right-hand road after crossing Powell's Creek, following the road marked in pencil to Old Church. A negro familiar with the road is sent to you.

This is the substance of the order written about 2 p.m. and signed by me. At a later hour, say 5 p.m. or before, I met Captain Bird, of General Barlow's staff, with General Grant's order as narrated on my indorsement within, which I do not think I can make fuller or clearer. I will say, however, that as soon as I read General Grant's dispatch it appeared to me that it was only desirable to get the command to Petersburg in the shortest time. Captain Bird and General Barlow knew that the First [Second] and Second [Third] Divisions were then on their way to Old Court-House. I told him briefly that the line of their march would be at once changed toward Petersburg and questioned him as to any roads leading in that direction from Old Court-House and pointed out on the map what I considered the nearest route. I did not give General Hancock's order, for I thought under General Grant's instructions there Hancock's order, for I thought under General Grant's instructions there could be no difficulty. I have not the slightest wish to avoid any responsibility belonging to me in this matter. I deny, however, ever having given any positive directions to General Barlow as to what road he should take, for I was not myself acquainted with the country.