War of the Rebellion: Serial 081 Page 0326 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LII.

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gade grounds without the permission of their brigade and division commanders. It is imperative that the command should be near at hand to man the parapets in case of an attack, and it is the duty of every officer of a regiment to stop all men of his regiment whom he sees out of camp, and ascertain if he is out by permission or not. If it is found that the above two rules are neglected, and that officers and men are beyond their proper limits, one-half the command will have to be held under arms at all times, day and night, upon the parapets. Colonel Barton will furnish daily, except every fifth day, when it will be furnished by Colonel Bell, a regiment, or not less than 400 men, for outpost duty in front of his position, to be disposed as follows: 300 on the left in front of Port Walthall, 100 on the Mill road, on the right of his position. In front of Port Walthall the disposition will be as follows: 200 in the outer line of rifle-pits, 100 in reserve. The right wing of rifle-pits will embrace 120 men, first line, and 75 men in second line. The left wing will embrace 80 men in first line and 26 in second. On the Mill road the pickets will be so advanced as to command the mill. Colonel Curtis will furnish daily, except every fifth day, when it will be furnished by Colonel Bell, a regiment, or not less than 400 men, for outpost duty, to cover the front of his position. Definite instructions will be given in regard to this line hereafter. Colonel Bell will, beside his regimental guards, which will be reduced to the minimum for guard and police, establish a brigade guard. In case of an alarm or heavy firing at the front Colonel Bell will immediately turn out his command and hold it under arms ready to move in support of any position of the regiments on picket duty will act as brigade officers of the day for their respective brigades. The entire command will be turned out at 3.30 a.m. daily, without drums or noise, and stand under arms until after broad daylight or till fog lifts. Reveille will be beaten at 4.30 a.m.; dinner at 12 m.; retreat and tattoo at 8 p.m.; tap, 8.30. Rolls will be called at reveille, dinner, and retreat.

By order of Brigadier General J. W. Turner:


Captain, Forty-seventh New York Vols., and Actg. Asst. Adjt. General

DEEP BOTTOM, June 22, 1864.

General BROOKS:

I have no men to relieve the 100-days' men. They have been resting all day, except 600. They have sent to camp for rations.





Deep Bottom, June 22, 1864-7.50 p.m.

Colonel J. W. SHAFFER,

Chief of Staff:

My pickets retook the Grover house, from which they were driven this forenoon. The enemy are building temporary rifle-pits on my front. The gun-boats shelled them out of the left.

Yours, truly,