War of the Rebellion: Serial 081 Page 0286 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LII.

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be in addition to that made in pursuance of a previous order to the same effect, but in continuation of, or in lieu of, that detachment, the composition of which renders it ineffective.


Major-General and Chief of Staff.


Mount Sinai Church, June 21, 1864-6 p. m.

Major General A. A. HUMPHREYS, Chief of Staff, Army of the Potomac:

GENERAL: The instruction of the major-general commanding of this date are received. I shall march in obedience thereto at 2 a. m. to-morrow. before starting I would like to know if our infantry forces cover the Weldon road. I propose striking the South Side road first at Sutherland's Station or some point in that vicinity, tearing up the track sufficiently to delay railroad communications ten or twelve hours. At this place I shall detach a force to strike the Richmond and Danville road by a rapid march, at the nearest point, tearing up the track at every practicable point between there and Burkeville. From Suther land's I shall move the main body of my command by the Great road, breaking the railroad at every convenient point, directly to Burkeville, which, if we succeed in capturing, will afford us the opportunity of prosecuting our work with great advantage. As soon as I have made dispositions for communicating with Hunter, and done all the damage possible to the road to Lynchburg, I shall move with all possible rapidity for Danville and Greensborough. Circumstances must, however, in a great degree control our movements after leaving Burkeville. If Sheridan will look after Hampton I apprehend no difficulty, and hope to be able to do the enemy great damage. The ammunition issued to my command is very defective. The implements for destroying roads have not yet arrived, but I learn from General Ingalls that they will certainly be here early to-morrow.




June 21, 1864-8.30 p. m.

Brigadier General WILSON, Commanding Third Cavalry Division:

Your dispatch is received, The major-general approves your project. It is expected that our infantry will hold across the Weldon road to-night or to-morrow morning, and that during to-morrow or during to-morrow night it will hold across the Lynchburg road. Captain Edie will endeavor to obtain some 40,000 rounds of Sharps rifle ammunition and send it you at once.


Major-General and Chief of Staff.

JUNE 21, 1864, 1864-6.45 a. m.

(Received 8 a. m.)

Lieutenant-General GRANT:

My brigade under Brigadier General R. S. Foster made successful lodgment on the north of the James at Deep Bottom without opposition and are entrenching, making good progress.


Major-General, Commanding.