War of the Rebellion: Serial 081 Page 0232 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LII.

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June 20, 1864 - 9.30 a. m. (Sent 9.45 a. m.)

Lieutenant-Colonel BADEAU,

City Point:

General Hunt asked you last evening for six 30-pounders. Are they coming, and when may he except them?


Major-General, Commanding.

CITY POINT, VA., June 20, 1864 - 10.30 a. m.

Major-General MEADE:

Lieutenant-General Grant ordered the 30-pounders to be sent out to you at once. There are, however, only three or four; the gunners were ordered with them.


Lieutenant-Colonel and Military Secretary.

CITY POINT, VA., June 20, 1864.

Major-General MEADE,

Commanding, &c.:

As soon as Wilson's cavalry is rested sufficiently they should make a raid upon the enemy's railroads. My view is that the road to Weldon should be crossed as near Petersburg as possible, and the first strike made for the Lynchburg and Petersburg road; thence to the Danville road, upon which all the damage possible should be done. Kautz can be thrown upon your left while Wilson is gone.



HEADQUARTERS ARMY OF THE POTOMAC, June 20, 1864 - 10 a. m.

Lieutenant-General GRANT:

Wilson was directed to report the moment he was ready for service. To-day is his third day of rest. Your dispatch has been sent to him to show him the importance of his being ready. Where do you suppose the enemy's cavalry to be? And do you not think that with the knowledge of Sheridan's withdrawal Hampton will be drawn in to Richmond, ready to be thrown on any raiding party? It has occurred to me that with Hunter's position as known Sheridan would be more likely to communicate with him and assist him by going from here up the south bank of the James than from the White House. In that case Wilson could join him and make his force such that he could not be stopped. If a bridge is thrown over at Deep Bottom Sheridan could cross there. I make these suggestions for what they are worth. I proposed riding down to the Point to see you if you remained at home to-day, but have had no reply to my inquiry.