War of the Rebellion: Serial 081 Page 0050 OPERATIONS IN SE.VA. AND N.C. Chapter LII.

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The following movements of troops are ordered:

1. The Ninth Corps, Major-General Burnside, will immediately cross at the pontoon bridge and with its train proceed on the road to Petersburg, via Old Court-House, and take position on the left of the Second Corps.

2. At 4 a.m. to-morrow morning the two divisions of the Fifth Corps, now at Clarke's, will be ferried across at Wilcox's Wharf and the upper landing on the right bank. The two divisions of the Fifth Corps, now at Charles City Court-House, will move so as to commence, at 4 a.m., ferrying from the wharf near the pontoon bridge on this side and Wind-Mill Point on the right bank. The artillery and trains of this corps will cross the pontoon bridge. The two divisions to cross at the bridge ferry and the trains will move by the most western of the two approaches to the bridge or in such manner as not to interfere with the movement of the general supply train. After the Fifth Corps is assembled on the right bank of the James Major-General Warren will move toward Petersburg, taking position on the left of the Ninth Corps, and in case that corps has not cleared the road he will look for a more southern road to move on.

3. The bridge will be given to the Ninth Corps and to the trains and artillery of the Fifth Corps whenever the latter are assembled in a body near the bridge. When not occupied as above the general supply train will continue to move across the bridge day and night until it is all over.

4. Brigadier-General Wilson, with the cavalry, will continue to watch the movements of the enemy in his advanced position until all the trains are across the bridge, when he will be withdrawn by Major-General Wright, commanding Sixth Corps, and passed across the bridge and join the army in front of Petersburg.

5. On the passage of the cavalry Major-General Wright will withdraw from the intrenched line he now holds; crossing the river and leaving a sufficient guard till the bridge is taken up will move with his corps and rejoin the army, taking position on the left of the Fifth Corps. Major-General Wright will call upon the commanding officers of the gun-boats Atlanta and Mackinaw for co-operation in case the same is necessary.

6. On the passage of all the troops and trains as here indicated Brigadier-General Benham will take up the bridge and proceed with it to City Point, reporting his arrival there to these headquarters and to those of Lieutenant-General Grant. The bridge trains belonging to the army will be sent to their respective corps.

7. The chief quartermaster and chiefs of other departments will establish the depots of this army at City Point.

8. The supply train, as soon as it is all across the river, and the Ninth and Fifth Corps have moved forward, will be advanced to some suitable position in rear of the center of the army, giving the road to the Sixth Corps when ready.

9. Headquarters will be moved to-morrow to the front in rear of the Ninth Corps.

10. Should any demonstration of the enemy interfere with the above movements and threaten the security of the supply train Major-General Warren will cease crossing the river and, in conjunction with Major-