War of the Rebellion: Serial 081 Page 0048 OPERATIONS IN SE.VA. AND N.C. Chapter LII.

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merely conjecture. When last heard from he was moving on Lynchburg, but if it be true that Breckinridge has moved with a superior force by Orange Court-House on his communications he will hardly be able to reach your army and may be obliged to fall back to Western Virginia. If, however, Sheridan opens communication with him the problem may be changed. In ignorance of what instructions be may have recently received from you I have simply sent him the purport of your telegrams without any orders, leaving him to act as circumstances may arise or as you may have directed. I learn from General Sigel that he [Hunter] has ordered re-enforcements from West Virginia, but Breckinridge may prevent their reaching him. On the whole, I feel, since your last change of base, some apprehension for his safety. But this is one of the usual contingencies of every campaign where forces move on separate and distant lines. As nearly all our resources for supplying the losses of our armies in the field are now exhausted, I have urged the resort to a new draft. I think one will be ordered as soon as Congress repeals the &300 commutation clause. So long as that exists we cannot get men, although a draft would bring some money into the Treasury. I will write you in a day or two on some other matters of importance now under examination in the Executive Bureaus.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General and Chief of Staff.


Memorandum of troops forwarded from Department of Washington to Army of Potomac since May 1, 1864.

Regiment Strength Regiment Strength

82nd and 83rd 1,250 21st Pennsylvania 1,038

Pennsylvania Cavalry

Volunteers [dismounted]

Detachment Veteran 400 Company recruits 83

cavalry 16th Michigan

Do... 925 2nd Pennsylvania 1,233

Heavy Artillery

1st Vermont Heavy 1,500 10th New York Heavy 1,759

Artillery Artillery

12th United States 85 Purnell [Maryland] 153


Provisional Brigade, 3,300 1st Delaware 529

Rendezvous of Cavalry


107th Pennsylvania 280 28th,29th,31st 1,154

Veteran Volunteers Colored

2nd New York Rifles 1,000 37th and 38th 830


67th Pennsylvania 250 179th New York 357


Provisional Brigade, 425 132nd Ohio 829

Rendezvous of Volunteer Infantry


Equipped recruits 553 Company 60th Ohio 76

Volunteer Infantry

8th New York Heavy 1,500 Rendezvous of 1,243

Artillery Distribution and


31st and 32nd Maine 402 Battalion Minnesota 176


7th New York Heavy 1,835 Provisional 857

Artillery Battalion

1st Maine Heavy 1,789 23rd U. S. Colored 45

Artillery Troops

2nd New York Heavy 1,679 138th Ohio National 840

Artillery Guard

1st Massachusetts 1,700 142nd Ohio National 800

Heavy Artillery Guard

Provisional 410 Provisional 696

Battalion, Battalion,

Rendezvous of Rendezvous of

Distribution Distribution

Irish Legion 2,000 Provisional 448

Battalion, from


36th Wisconsin 866 155th Ohio National 900

Volunteers Guard

13th Ohio Cavalry 630 179th New York 85


Detachment Veteran 1,150 134th Ohio National 800

cavalry Guard

2nd Connecticut 1,700 5th New Hampshire 467

Heavy Artillery

9th New York Heavy 1,400 143rd Ohio National 780

Artillery Guard

184th Pennsylvania 480 163rd Ohio National 800

Volunteers Guard

Provisional 853 Veteran cavalry 240


Rendezvous of

Distribution, and


29th Massachusetts 148 Battalion 571

Volunteers Rendezvous of


Detachment 184th 70 148th Ohio National 740

Pennsylvania Guard

Battalion, 800 133rd Ohio National 887

Rendezvous of Guard


Rendezvous of 297 1st Maryland 646

Distribution Cavalry


187th Pennsylvania 990 130th Ohio National 775

Volunteers Guard

3rd Delaware and 1,150 Battalion, 1,000

94th New York Rendezvous of


4th Delaware, 5th 1,050 5th Maryland 474

New York, and 157th Volunteer Infantry


Total 55,178

H. W. H.