War of the Rebellion: Serial 080 Page 0762 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LII.

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July 18.-Further reconnaissance and preparation, in the course of which the desertions of the previous night are learned. The contemplated attack is in consequence abandoned.

July 19 to 22.-No change. Usual shelling and picket-firing.

July 23.-Kershaw moves at 6.30 a. m. for Chaffin's Bluff.

July 24 to 26.-Affairs unchanged.

July 27.-At 1.30 p. m. we received orders to move our headquarters to the north side of James River. Heth's division moved over. We arrived at Chaffin's at 8.30 p. m. Before out arrival four guns of the Rockbridge Artillery, on the left of Kershaw, had been captured by the enemy.

July 28.-In the morning we moved with four brigades-Conner's, Lane's, Kershaw's, and Wofford's-to dislodge the enemy from the Long Bridge road. The first three become engaged near Whitlock's and Darby's house, capturing 1 piece of artillery and about 75 prisoners, but without gaining the Long Bridge road. Our loss is about 250 in killed, wounded, and missing. At night the troops are returned to their positions about Fussell's Mill. W. H. F. Lee's cavalry arrived at night on the north side of the James.

July 29.-Nothing done in the morning. In the afternoon Kershaw and Conner moved down to Darby's to occupy with skirmishers the junction of the Long Bridge and Darbytown roads. Field's division is sent to us from the south side and arrives at Fussell's Mill about sundown. He came to Rice's Turnout by rail. Fitz. Lee's division of cavalry is also sent to the north side.

July 30.-In the morning the enemy is discovered to have abandoned the Long Bridge road and retired to the other side of the river, leaving a force at Deep Bottom, on the right of our line. Heth's division is sent back to Rice's Turnout. His trenches are occupied by Field. In the evening Kershaw recrosses to the south side by Chaffin's Bluff to half for the night near the Clay house.

July 31.-Affairs unchanged.*

Numbers 296. Return of casualties in Bratton's, Law's, Anderson's, and Benning's brigades, Longstreet's corps, from June 13 to July 31, 1864.

[Compiled from nominal list of casualties.]


Killed. Wounded. or missing.

Command. Offi Men. Offi Men. Offi Men. Aggre

cers. cers. cers. gate.



1st South 1 6 2 4 ---- ---- 13


2nd South

Carolina ---- 5 1 3 ---- ---- 9


5th South ---- 5 2 4 ---- ---- 11


6th South ---- 7 ---- 21 ---- ---- 28



Sharpshoo- 1 10 ---- 15 ---- ---- 26


Total. 2 33 5 47 ---- ---- 87


*For continuation of diary, see Vol. XLII, Part I.