War of the Rebellion: Serial 080 Page 0761 Chapter LII. THE RICHMOND CAMPAIGN.

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June 18.-At 3 a. m. Kershaw moves for Petersburg, followed by Field, Pickett occupying the whole line. We arrive at Petersburg and Kershaw relieves Bushrod Johnson's division, Field taking position on Kershaw's right. A feeble attack is made in the afternoon on Elliott's brigade, of Johnson's division.

June 19.-Sharp skirmishing during the day and a sort of advance on Kershaw's right and Field's left during the night.

June 20 and 21.-Affairs unchanged.

June 22.-A. P. Hill goes out with Mahone and Wilcox, B. R. Johnson supporting, and drives the enemy from our right. It is a handsome affair-2,000 prisoners, 4 pieces of artillery, 7 colors being among the captures.

June 23.-Preparations made for the contemplated attack to-morrow. Field at night withdraws from the trenches, Bushrod Johnson relieving him, and moves to the left in support of and co-operation with Hoke. Field did not get out clear until dawn the next morning.

June 24.-At 7.05 a. m. our artillery opens, followed in a half hour by an advance of Hagood's brigade. The affair is a fiasco and is not continued. Field leaves a brigade in Hoke's trenches and returns with the balance of his division, to be in reserve.

June 25.-Usual skirmishing. At night two of Kershaw's brigades (Humphreys' and Kershaw's) are relieved by B. R. Johnson.

June 26.-The enemy shows some disposition to dig up to us. Anderson's brigade, of Field's division, still with Hoke.

June 27.-Some mortar-firing.

June 28.-Orders given to Field to go on the line to the left of the Rivers house, the disposition being thus: Hoke on extreme left, Johnson on his right, and Field on right of Johnson. The change takes place on the night of the 28th, and Field does not get on the line until near morning. Until G. T. Anderson can be brought from the left of Hoke Wofford occupies that portion of the line near the Rives house. Field's brigade are posted as follows from left to right: Bratton, Benning, Gregg, and Law.

June 29.-Kershaw in reserve. Wofford taken out of Field's line and G. T. Anderson is retained in reserve for Field. At 12 m. orders are sent to Kershaw to move with three brigades to Reams' Station to aid Mahone and the cavalry operating against the raiders. He returned about 11 p. m.

June 30.-Unchanged.

July 1.-At 2 a. m. Kershaw moves to the intersection of the Weldon railroad with the line of breast-works to support Hill, who is to attack the enemy's force at Reams' Station (Sheridan and the Sixth Corps). That force, however, has disappeared in the night, and our troops returned to their positions.

July 2.-Field still on the line, preferring not to be relieved.

July 3 to 7.-All pass without change or incident.

July 8.-We make in the afternoon something of a Chinese demonstration in the way of shooting and artillery firing to ascertain the enemy's strength.

July 9.-No change.

July 10.-Kershaw moves out on the railroad at night to cover the movement of some railroad trains laden with corn.

July 11 to 16.-Are passed without change or incident.

July 17.-General Anderson makes a personal reconnaissance for an assault. At night two men desert from Law's brigade.