War of the Rebellion: Serial 080 Page 0590 OPERATIONS IN SE.VA. AND N.C. Chapter LII.

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Recapitulation of casualties.

Killed. Wounded. Missing.

Epoch. Place. Offi Men Offi Men Offi Men

cers cers cers

First Battle of -- -- -- 5 -- 2



Second Spotsylvania 4 13 3 79 -- 31


Third North Anna -- 2 -- 2 -- --


Fourth Totopotomoy -- 5 1 36 1 9

and Cold


Fifth Before 3 18 2 69 1 19


Total --- 7 38 6 191 2 61

Died of

wounds. Total.

Epoch. Place. Offic Men Offic Men Aggreg

ers ers ate

First Battle of the -- 1 -- 8 8


Second Spotsylvania -- 13 7 136 143


Third North Anna River -- 1 -- 5 5

Fourth Totopotomoy and 1 3 3 53 56

Cold Harbor

Fifth Before -- 9 6 115 121


Total --- 1 27 16 317 333


Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding Twentieth Regiment Michigan Volunteers.


Before Petersburg, Va., August 3, 1864.

CAPTAIN: In obedience to circular of this date I have the honor to make the following report of the operations of this regiment in the action of July 30, 1864:

We left the bivouac at about 4 a.m., having left knapsacks under guard, and halted in the covered way near Roemer's battery. When the mine was sprung we advanced at the double-quick and formed in the brigade column in rear of our works, the regiment being the third battalion in the column. We lost several men before the charge was made. At 8.30 a.m. we formed in the trenches for the charge, the Second Michigan on our right and the Forty-sixth New York on our left. We were ordered to follow and be guided by the movements of the regiment upon our right. The regiment on our right moved by the right flank, on the double-quick, toward the fort, and I led my regiment in the same direction. Seeing that great numbers of men were crowded behind the fort I moved by the left flank, and threw my regiment upon the enemy's rifle-pit to the left of the fort. The enemy occupying the pit surrendered to the number of between 30 and 40, including 2 commissioned officers, to my certain knowledge. When the first rebel counter-charge was made I moved my command over the rebel rifle-pit and into the left of the fort, or battery, which was only slightly injured, and planted our colors beyond the fort. When the stampede of the troops took place my command did not participate beyond a very few men, who were carried away in the rush. This regiment participated actively in repulsing the rebel charge, both in the forenoon and afternoon, behaving with gallantry and coolness. All the men of the command participated in the charge except some half a dozen, against whom I have directed charges to be preferred. A few of the men being lost in getting over the breast-works went to the left with the Forty-sixth New York Regiment and returned again to our lines; one officer also being delayed in getting his men over made the same mistake and went with the Forty-sixth into the ravine to the left. All the rest, officers and men, went into the enemy's works and remained