War of the Rebellion: Serial 080 Page 0454 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LII.

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Tuesday, June 21.- General Griffin extended our line to the plank road. Second Corps marched across it.

Wednesday, June 22.-Second Corps had a bad fight. Got flanked and lost 2,300 prisoners and 4 cannon.

Thursday, June 23.-Enemy retired from his position on left of Second Corps. Sixth Corps took up position and lost some 600 prisoners.

Friday, June 24.-Remained in same general position. Crawford in morning shifted over to the left of the corps and relieved Gibbon.

Sunday, June 26.-Army nearly quiet with continued firing along [lines] night and day.

Monday, June 27.-Reconnoitered my lines again; satisfied I could not improve them.

Thursday, June 30.-Wilson attacked at Reams' Station. Sixth Corps sent.*

Friday, July 1.-Order received to strengthen lines with abatis. Had already been done.

Saturday, July 2.-Warm and dry. Orders received to report every morning and evening at 9 o'clock.

Sunday, July 3.-Warm and dry. Received notification from General Meade that my opinion was wanted on the possibility of an assault. Reported against its advisability after careful examination.

Monday, July 4.-Warm and dry. General Hunt and Major Duane out examining plans for guns, &c., to assist an assault if General Burnside succeeded. Requested to have them report on operations in my front. General Meade objected to commencing redoubt on my left; however, marked it out after dark by rifle-pits.

Tuesday, July 5.-Very quiet day. Commenced plans for redoubts on left, Captain Mendell and myself locating them by order. Camps unchanged since June 25. General Crawford and General Griffin ordered to furnish large details for work at 3.30 a.m. to-morrow.

Wednesday, July 6.-Major Roebling continued work last night on small redoubt. Working details on the other redoubts worked all day.

Thursday, July 7.-Asked for detail from Second or Sixth Corps to assist me on redoubts.

Friday, July 8.-Work continued on the redoubts, 2,000 men of the Second Corps assisting.

Saturday, July 9.-Quiet all day; working continued. Sixth Corps moved to City Point after dark.

Sunday, July 10.-Quiet all day; continued working on redoubts. General Crawford extended his line about 400 yards to relieve a portion of General Hancock's.

Monday, July 11.-Troops held in readiness to move at moment's notice (all).

Tuesday, July 12.-Second Corps was relieved last night from their line and massed. Occupied the two redoubts, large one very incomplete. I spent the day trying to arrange matters, cutting timber, &c.

Wednesday, July 13.-Spent all day superintending work on large redoubt (Fort Davis). Had Hayes' and Carle's brigades slashing timber all day. Put battery in each redoubt. Second Corps moved from my left to my rear in the morning. Smyth's brigade left on picket. General Gregg and General Ferrero reported to me.

Thursday, July 14.-Spent day till 2 p.m. in office, the rest till dark establishing picket-line and giving directions about my lines.

Friday, July 15.-Not very well. Spent the morning at headquarters. General Meade called. Went out on line after 4 p.m.