War of the Rebellion: Serial 080 Page 0391 Chapter LII. THE RICHMOND CAMPAIGN.

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ble to the small force brought against it. The gallantry of the charging party was not equal to taking a position which a whole division afterward failed to carry. The brigade then formed a line at right angles to the line deserted by the enemy. Here Colonel Egan, commanding brigade, was severely wounded, and Colonel Madill, One hundred and forty-first Pennsylvania Volunteers, assumed command of the brigade. This position the brigade held until 5 p. m. 16th instant, when it was relieved by a portion of Colonel Brewster's brigade, of the Second Division,* when this brigade moved to the right, taking position in the works as support of an attacking column. This position it held until the morning of the 17th instant, when it moved out to the advance line of works.

At daylight of the 18th instant advanced upon the enemy's works and found them deserted. A portion of the brigade immediately advanced to within 200 yards of the enemy's new line and intrenched themselves, while the remainder of the brigade was employed in turning the works abandoned by the enemy. At 1 p. m. the brigade advanced and formed line near the Hare house, preparatory to making a charge. At 4.30 p. m. of the 18th instant a general assault on the enemy's line was made by our forces, resulting in no decided success. The brigade then took a position in the second line, where it remained until dark, and then moved to the front and erected a new line of breastworks. This position the brigade held until 11 p. m. of the 20th, when it was relieved by a division of colored troops of the Ninth Corps, and withdrew behind the first line of captured works.

At 9 o'clock of the 21st the brigade moved to the left and took position on the left of the Jerusalem plank road about 3 p. m. At 11 p. m. moved to the front and relieved a brigade of the First Division, and early on the morning of the 22nd moved to the right, to fill up a gap occasioned by the Second Brigade moving to the front.

At 3.30 a. m. on the 23rd the brigade formed in line of battle, and at daylight advanced to a position formerly held by the Second Brigade. At 5 p. m. relieved from this position, moved to the left and relieved a portion of the First Division.

At 9 a. m. of the 24th the brigade moved to the right and commenced to construct works on front and rear of division headquarters, but the order was countermanded before the works [were] completed.

On the evening of the 26th instant the brigade move out and occupied the works build on the 23rd instant. This position was held until daylight of the 27th instant, when a portion of the brigade returned to its former position in the second line. At 1 p. m. of the 29th instant the reserve of the brigade was moved out to the front line and established a temporary camp behind the works. The Seventy-third New York Volunteer, numbering ---, were here transferred to this brigade July 6. The brigade lay in this position until the night of July 11, when, after having leveled the works in its front, the brigade, with the remainder of the division, moved to the left of the Jerusalem plank road, where it remained until daylight of the 13th instant, when it moved to the rear of the Fifth Corps and went into camp in the woods. Here Brigadier-General De Trobriand, U. S. Volunteers, was assigned to command the brigade per orders from army headquarters. The brigade remained in this camp doing fatigue duty alternately with the other brigades and divisions of the corps most of the time until 5 p. m. of the 26th instant, when the brigade marched rapidly to the James


* Brewster's brigade belonged to the Third Division.