War of the Rebellion: Serial 080 Page 0318 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LII.

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Delivered the above to General Gibbon about 1 a. m. General Birney also received a copy by the hands of a staff officer. Night

cold. At daybreak rode around the lines with the general. Met Captain Marlin, of General Barlow's staff, who reported that General Barlow's division had arrived on the field. General Barlow took the wrong road yesterday, and marched nearly to City Point before the mistake was discovered. Barlow's division placed on left of Birney, extending out in direction of norfolk road. About 8 a. m. Birney advanced a brigade and drove the enemy back some distance in front and to left of Dunn's house. Lee's army coming up rapidly and occupying the works in our front. Sharp skirmishing all day. 6 p.m., Generals barlow and Birney assaulted enemy's lines, but did not succeed in breaking through. Barlow and Birney, supported by portions of ninth and Eighteenth Corps, two brigades of each. Two brigades of Eighteenth Corps and one brigade of Ninth Corps sent to General Birney; one brigade of Ninth Corps sent to General Barlow. Fighting continued at intervals all night. Our loss heavy in killed and wounded. General Burnside's corps (Ninth), fighting on our left. Enemy threw an immense number of shot and shell during the night.

June 17, 1864. - General Burnside attacked at daybreak on General Barlow's left, capturing some artillery and prisoners. No assaults made by Second Corps to-day. enemy made several attacks on General Birney's line, not in great force, however, and were always repulsed. About 3 p. m. General Burnside again attacked on our left, but was compelled to retire. barlow also engaged in this attack.

June 18, 1864. - General Birney m command of Second Corps, General Hancock being compelled to relinquish command on account of his wound which he received at Gettysburg. His wound has been suppurating all summer, and giving him great pain, and now compels him to remain in his tent. 4 a. m., an attack ordered by Second, Ninth, and Fifth Corps. Shortly after 4 a. m. General Birney advanced, and at 5 a. m. sent word to General Hancock that he had entered the enemy's first line of works and found it evacuated. 12.15, General Gibbon assaulted in two lines, but did not succeed in carrying the works. 4 p. m., another assault by nine brigades, which did not succeed. Our loss very heavy in killed and wounded to day.

June 19, 1864. - General Birney in command of the corps. No operations of importance on the line of Second Corps to-day. Both armies busily engaged entrenching. The enemy already have very powerful redoubts, and rifle-pits (curtains) encircling Petersburg on this side of the river, either flank of those resting on the Appomattox, which appear to have been constructed some time since, in anticipation of an advance of our army in that direction.

June 20, 1864. - The musketry and artillery quite brisk in the trenches, but no assaults on the Second Corps line. Orders received for corps to move in direction of Norfolk and Petersburg road. Relieved in the trenches by other troops, and then moved to rear of Ninth Corps, where the corps was massed. General Hancock still unable to resume command.

June 21, 1864. - Corps moved to-day toward Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad, crossing that railroad near Deserted House, and striking Jerusalem plank road near Williams' house, then took position on left of Fifth corps, about two miles from Weldon railroad. Corps headquarters established just in front of Jones' house, near Jerusalem plank road. General Birney in command of corps.