War of the Rebellion: Serial 080 Page 0240 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LII.

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Return of Casualties in the Union Forces-Continued.

NEW YORK-continued.

Captain George A. Hoyt, 8th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Robert Glass, 8th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Walter P. Wright, 8th Heavy Artillery.

Major Job C. Hedges, 14th Heavy Artillery.

Captain Nimrod Underhill, jr., 14th Heavy Artillery.

Captain Franz Steckner, 15th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant James Shuter, 40th Infantry.

Captain Henry W. Ohmes, 46th Infantry.

Captain John A. Fee, 48th Infantry.

Major William A. Kirk, 57th Infantry

Captain Augustus M. Wright, 57th Infantry

Lieutenant Miles McDonald, 63rd Infantry.

Captain Burton H. Davis, 66th Infantry.

Lieutenant James E. Bullis, 66th Infantry.

Captain Bernard S. O'Neil, 69th Infantry.

Lieutenant John Kiener, 72nd Infantry.

Lieutenant Amos B. Stanton, 86th Infantry.

Colonel Patrick Kelly, 88th Infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel Theophilus L. England, 89th Infantry.

Captain Seymour L. Judd, 89th Infantry.

Lieutenant William F. Dutton, 108th Infantry.

Captain William Warwick, 109th Infantry.

Lieutenant Edward C. Jones, 109th Infantry.

Captain Jerome M. Lattin, 111th Infantry.

Lieutenant Samuel G. Sherwin, 112th Infantry.

Captain William J. Hunt, 117th Infantry.

Captain J. Parsons Stone, 117th Infantry.

Major Charles E. Pruyn, 118th Infantry.

Lieutenant Henry H. Hoyt, 122nd Infantry.

Captain William A. Jackson, 124th Infantry.

Lieutenant Edward N. Barnes, 125th Infantry.

Lieutenant Isaac De Witt Coleman, 125th Infantry.

Lieutenant Egbert B. Hull, 125th Infantry

Lieutenant Merritt B. Miller, 125th Infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel William H. Baird, 126th Infantry.

Captain Morris Brown, jr., 126th Infantry.

Lieutenant Spencer F. Lincoln, 126th Infantry.

Lieutenant John A. McDonald, 126th Infantry.

Lieutenant Sidney C. Gaylord, 147th Infantry.

Captain Thomas Hart, 155th Infantry.

Lieutenant Albert H. Dwight, 155th Infantry.

Lieutenant John Nolan, 155th Infantry.

Lieutenant Michael O'Connell, 155th Infantry.

Lieutenant Michael J. Eagan, 170th Infantry.

Lieutenant Francis H. Seely, 170 Infantry.

Major John S. Sloan, 179th Infantry.

Captain Daniel Blachford, 179th Infantry.

Major William Butler, 182nd Infantry.

Lieutenant Michael W. Redmond, 182nd Infantry.


Captain William H. Ulrey, 2nd Cavalry.

Captain Albert G. Quintrell, 60th Infantry.


Captain William Bailey, 11th Cavalry.

Captain John B. Loomis, 11th Cavalry.

Captain W. Dewees Roberts, 11th Cavalry.

Captain Gerard Reynolds, 11th Cavalry.

Lieutenant David O. Tears, 11th Cavalry.

Lieutenant Henry G. Lott, 21st Cavalry.

Lieutenant Daniel S. Dubbs, 2nd Provisional Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Thomas C. Sharpe, 2nd Provisional Heavy Artillery.

Captain Benjamin B. Shuck, 48th Infantry.

Lieutenant Joseph Edwards, 48th Infantry.

Lieutenant Curtis, C. Pollock, 48th Infantry.

Captain Henry A. Lantz, 50th Infantry.

Captain Oliver Mumford, 56th Infantry.

Lieutenant Henry M. Adams, 57th Infantry.

Lieutenant Clark M. Lyons, 57th Infantry.

Captain Isaac Moorhead, 63rd Infantry.

Lieutenant Jacob Glenn, 72nd Infantry.

Captain David H. Ginder, 81st Infantry.

Lieutenant James R. Wingate, 84th Infantry.

Lieutenant Atwood G. Sinn, 88th Infantry.

Captain Jacob P. Embich, 93rd Infantry.

Lieutenant Matthew N. Heiskell, 99th Infantry.

Lieutenant Isidor Hirsch, 99th infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew M. Dawson, 100th Infantry.

Captain Leander C. Morrow, 100th Infantry.

Captain William A. Norton, 110th Infantry.

Captain Robert M. Jeffries, 115th Infantry.

Lieutenant Andrew M. Purdy, 140th Infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel Guy H. Watkins, 141st Infantry

Lieutenant Ezra S. Griffin, 143rd Infantry.

Captain Jacob B. Edmonds, 148th Infantry.

Lieutenant Wesley W. Beirly, 148th Infantry.

Captain Samuel A. McKee, 155th Infantry.

Lieutenant Robert G. Christnot, 190th Infantry.

Lieutenant Edward Greenfield, 190th Infantry.


Major James St. C. Morton, Corps of Engineers.

Lieutenant Richard Skinner, 10th Infantry.


Captain William V. King, 4th Infantry.

Lieutenant Alfred M. Brigham, 4th Infantry.

Captain Orlando P. Brockway, 5th Infantry.

Lieutenant Robert F. Johnston, 5th Infantry.

Lieutenant Emery Fisher, 22nd Infantry.