War of the Rebellion: Serial 080 Page 0239 Chapter LII. THE RICHMOND CAMPAIGN.

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Return of Casualties in the Union Forces-Continued.


Captain Samuel W. Daggett, 1st Heavy Artillery .

Captain Frederick C. Howes, 1st Heavy Artillery

Captain Andrew J. Jaquith, 1st Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Albert G. Abbott, 1st Heavy Artillery

Lieutenant Allen E. Barry, 1st Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant James W. Clark, 1st Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Samuel W. Crowell, 1st Heavy Artillery

Lieutenant Thomas S. Drummond, 1st Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Edward S. Foster, 1st Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant James E. Hall, 1st Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant William R. Newenham, 1st Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Gardner H. Ruggles, 1st Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Horatio N. P. Spooner, 1st Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant John Stevens, 8th Infantry.

Captain William A. Stevens, 16th Infantry.

Lieutenant Lafayette Carver, 19th Infantry.

Captain Samuel T. Keene, 20th Infantry.

Captain William R. Currier, 31st Infantry.

Captain William H. Shoppee, 31st Infantry.

Lieutenant Calvin Boston, 31st Infantry.

Lieutenant Hiram C. Gage, 31st Infantry.


Captain Joseph W. Kimball, 1st Heavy Artillery

Lieutenant Nathaniel R. Blaney, 1st Heavy Artillery

Lieutenant Lewis P. Caldwell, 1st Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Orrin L. Farnham, 1st Heavy Artillery

Lieutenant Peleg W. Blake, 5th Battery.

Lieutenant Samuel G. Gilbreth, 1st Company Sharpshooters.

Colonel William Blaisdell, 11th Infantry.

Captain Charles Goss, 21st Infantry.

Lieutenant George W. Pope, 29th Infantry.

Colonel George L. Prescott, 32nd Infantry.

Captain Amos Buffum, 36th Infantry.

Captain Otis, W. Holmes, 36th Infantry.

Lieutenant John H. Crowley, 56th Infantry.

Lieutenant Edwin I. Coe, 57th Infantry.

Lieutenant Franklin D. Hammond, 58th Infantry.

Captain Samuel A. Bean, 59th Infantry.


Captain Thomas H. Gaffney, 1st Sharpshooters.

Captain Levant C. Rhines, 1st Sharpshooters.

Lieutenant Garrett A. Graveraet, 1st Sharpshooters.

Lieutenant George C. Knight, 1st Sharpshooters.

Lieutenant Martin Wagor, 1st Sharpshooters.

Lieutenant William S. Woodruff, 1st Infantry.

Captain James Bradley, 2nd Infantry.

Lieutenant Edward A. Sherman, 2nd Infantry.

Lieutenant Thomas Campbell, 8th Infantry.

Major George C. Barnes, 20th Infantry.

Captain William A. Dewey, 20th Infantry.

Lieutenant Seril Chilson, 24th Infantry.

Captain James A. Lothian, 26th Infantry.

Lieutenant John W. Brennan, 27th Infantry.


Lieutenant John H. Tredick, 3rd Infantry.

Lieutenant George R. Shapleigh, 5th Infantry.

Captain James Madden, 10th Infantry.

Lieutenant Hiram K. Little, 11th Infantry.

Captain Elisha E. Dodge, 13th Infantry.


Captain Henry H. Woolsey, 5th Infantry.

Captain Michael Mullery, 7th Infantry.

Captain Sidney M. Layton, 11th Infantry.


Lieutenant Murt Cunningham, 2nd Cavalry.

Colonel Simon H. Mix, 3rd Cavalry.

Captain James McNair, 8th Cavalry.

Captain James A. Sayles, 8th Cavalry.

Lieutenant Patrick R. Glennon, 22nd Cavalry.

Captain Calvin Burch, 24th Cavalry.

Captain William F. Williams, 2nd Mounted Rifles.

Lieutenant James L. Atwood, 2nd Mounted Rifles.

Lieutenant John V. Bedell, 2nd Mounted Rifles.

Lieutenant James B. N. De Long, 2nd Mounted Rifles.

Captain William A. Berry, 2nd Heavy Artillery.

Captain George S. Dawson, 2nd Heavy Artillery.

Captain D. K. Smith Jones, 4th Heavy Artillery.

Captain Charles Maguire, 7th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Charles L. Yearsley, 7th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Colonel Willard W. Bates, 8th Heavy Artillery.

Major Edwin L. Blake, 8th Heavy Artillery.