War of the Rebellion: Serial 080 Page 0208 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N.C. Chapter LII.

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July 27.-Moved out some two miles from the river and engaged the enemy, and fell back to the pontoon the same evening.

July 28.-The regiment remained in line of battle until 4 p.m., when it was ordered to relieve the First Maine Cavalry, which was then picketing in the vicinity of Malvern Hill.

July 29.-At 12 p.m. were ordered to be ready to fall back at any moment, and at 2 a.m. withdrew our pickets and recrossed the river at the above-mentioned point. Marched toward the Blackwater, where division attacked the enemy and regiment was ordered to support brigade battery. From here we fell back to our present camp [Prince George Court-House].


June 13.-Encamped on north bank of North Anna River.

June 14.-Encamped near Todd's Tavern; lost 1 man on picket.

June 15.-On march and encamped at 9 p.m.

June 16.-Encamped near Sparta.

June 17.-Encamped near Walkerton.

June 18.-Encamped near King and Queen Court-House.

June 19.-Encamped at Dunkirk.

June 20.-Crossed Mattapony River and encamped at White House.

June 21.-Crossed Pamunkey River; dismounted and engaged the enemy near Tunstall's Station; no casualties; at dusk returned for our horses.

June 22.-On scout to Webb's house.

June 23.-Destroyed railroad bridge across Pamunkey, and formed rear guard on march to Charles City Court-House, where encamped.

June 24.-Engaged with enemy near Saint Mary's Church; formed rear guard on leaving field; lost 1 killed, 7 wounded, 3 missing.

June 25 to 28.-In camp back of Fort Powhatan.

June 29.-5 p.m., on march.

June 30.-On scout; encamped at Templeton's.

July 1.-Encamped near Lee's Mill; went on scout to Nottoway River.

July 2.-Marched with brigade to near Prince George Court-House.

July 4.-Changed camp to near Light-House Point.

July 7.-Went on picket to Prince George Court-House; relieved by Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry same day.

July 8.-In camp near Light-House Point.

July 11.-Marched to Jerusalem plank road.

July 12.-In line of battle near bridge on plank road.

July 13.-Marched to Lee's Mill.

July 14.-Relieved Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry; on picket at Old Shop Church.

July 16.-Relieved by First Cavalry Division; marched to camp near Light-House Point.

July 26.-Crossed the Appomattox River; marched to Jones' Neck.

July 27.-Crossed James River and encamped.

July 28.-Marched to near Malvern Hill; had a fierce encounter with the enemy; lost 14 men and 1 officer wounded and 3 men killed.

July 29.-In line of battle dismounted.

July 30.-Marched with brigade back to Lee's Mill.

July 31.-Marched to camp at Prince Georgie Court-House.