War of the Rebellion: Serial 080 Page 0193 Chapter LII. THE RICHMOND CAMPAIGN.

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June 19. - Marched at 5 a.m. for Petersburg; relieved Stannard's brigade at 10 p.m. and constructed rifle-pits along his skirmish line.

June 21.- Relieved by Stannard's division and marched to left of Second Corps.

June 29. - Marched to Reams' Station to support Wilson's cavalry, and returned to the Jerusalem plank road on the 30th.

July 1 to 9. - Remained in camp near the Jerusalem plank road.

July 9 - Moved to City Point.

July 10. - Embarked for Washington.

Third Brigade, First Division, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Gideon Clark, One hundred and nineteenth Pennsylvania Infantry.

June 14 and 15. - On fatigue duty opposite Fort Powhatan.

June 16. - In the evening shipped on board transports.

June 17. - In the morning landed at Bermuda Hundred; remained within the lines of General Butler's army until the morning of the 19th.

June 19. - Marched to the front of Petersburg; on picket on the banks of the Appomattox from that time until the evening of the 21st; moved that night with the rest of the corps to a position on the extreme left of the army, having been relieved by the Eighteenth Corps.

Changed positions frequently between the 21st and 25th.

June 29. - Moved out toward Reams' Station, on the Petersburg and Weldon Railroad; on that day and the next, with other troops of the division, effectually destroyed several miles of that road.

July 2. - Left bivouac on the Jerusalem plank road, and returned to the position on the left of the army.

July 9. - Marched to City Point.

July 10. - On the evening of this day and morning of the 11th the command was shipped on board of transports, arriving at Washington on the 12th.

Second Division, commanded by Brigadier General Thomas H. Neill.

June 13. - Left trenches at 7 p.m. and marched all night.

June 14.- Marched all day to the west bank of the Chickahominy.

June 15. - Moved to Charles City Court-House.

June 16. - Marched to and crossed James River.

June 17. - Arrived near Petersburg, and relieved Eighteenth Corps.

June 18. - Assaulted the enemy and carried a line of works.

June 21. - Moved to a position south of the Jerusalem plank road.

June 22. - Charged the enemy and established a line.

June 29. - Moved to Reams' Station to support cavalry.

June 30. - Remained near Reams' Station.

July 1. - Marched from Reams' Station back to old camp near Jerusalem plank road.

July 9. - Marched at 9 p.m. to City Point.

July 10. - Embarked at 11 a.m. for Washington.

Third Division, commanded by Brigadier General James B. Ricketts.

June 13. - Marched, by way of Via's, Hopkins' Mills, Providence Church, Emmaus Church, to Jones' Bridge, Chickahominy; after crossing about three-quarters of a mile encamped for the night.

June 14. - Marched at 4.45 a.m. by way of Vaiden's Cross-Roads,

and encamped about three miles from Charles City Court-House.

June 15. - Moved camp about one mile.