War of the Rebellion: Serial 080 Page 0184 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N.C. Chapter LII.

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June 14. - Crossed to the south side of the James River. The Fourth Maine, whose term of service expired on the 13th, was relieved by Special Orders, No.-,dated headquarters Second Army Corps, June 14, 1864. No records were left showing the number discharged, but those who were not sent to Maine for that purpose were transferred to the Nineteenth Maine, Second Division, Second Army Corps. The loss by expiration of term of service and transfer amounted to 474. The same day the brigade marched for Petersburg, where it arrived the same night.

June 16. - In the afternoon a charge was made upon the enemy's works, which resulted in our driving their front line and securing a position near their works. Colonel Thomas R. Tannatt, commanding brigade, was wounded. Loss in the brigade was 274. Colonel R. McAllister, Eleventh New Jersey Volunteers, was assigned to the command of the brigade.

June 18. - The brigade made another charge at 4 a.m. driving the enemy through the woods toward Petersburg and gaining a position on the plank road leading to that place. Here the brigade was temporarily assigned to the command of Brigadier General B. R. Pierce during the operations of to-day. At noon another charge was made with the intention of taking the enemy's earth-works in our front, which were about 350 or 400 yards distant. The charge in this respect was unsuccessful, owing to the murderous fire of musketry, grape, and canister sweeping through the open field in our front. But the brigade gained two points 100 yards in advance and on the right and left of our line, respectively, where rifle-pits were immediately constructed, which enabled us to throw up strong earth-works in that position afterward.

June 20. - The brigade was relieved from this position at night.

June 21. - The brigade with the rest of the division and corps, marched farther to the left, taking up a new position on the left of the Fifth Corps, an advanced position. The division on our left was forced back by the enemy, which necessitated our falling back to the first line of earth-works, with a loss of killed, wounded, and missing. In the evening the brigade was ordered to charge across an open field in our front, a distance of 250 yards, to a piece of woods, which was very successful.

June 25. - Brigadier General B. R. Pierce was assigned to the command of this brigade.

July 1. - Brigade encamped in line of earth-works near Petersburg, where we remained until the 12th.

July 12. - We leveled the works in our front and withdrew from that portion of the line. The brigade then moved to the rear and established camps, remaining in that position until the 23d.

July 23. -Orders came for us to occupy the earth-works on the left of the line, encamping in the rear of a redoubt at that point.

July 26. - The brigade, together with the rest of the division, went on a reconnaissance to the north side of the James River toward Richmond. Brigadier General B. R. Pierce then commanding the brigade, who had been ill for several days, was sent to the hospital at City Point, which left Colonel Daniel Chaplin, First Maine Heavy Artillery, in command; we marched all night.

July 27.- At daybreak crossed the James River. After a short rest we were moved into position, and an action was commenced with the enemy without, apparently, the least exertion on our part. As we advanced the enemy retreated as they usually do when this division advances. Skirmishing was kept up all day with a view to developing their position and strength.