War of the Rebellion: Serial 080 Page 0112 OPERATIONS IN SE.VA. AND N.C. Chapter LII.

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Question. Were there pontoon trains, sand-bags,&c., in readiness at convenient points near the place of assault on the 30th of July, as ordered by Major-General Meade?

Answer. There were.

Question. Were engineer officers detailed for each corps?

Answer. There were.

Question. You stated in your former testimony that you were near the Fifth Corps at the time of the assault. Were there arrangements made for passing the field artillery through the works in front of that corps?

Answer. I think not. I did not understand that it was part of the plan that the troops of the Fifth Corps should advance through that part of their front. They were to have advanced on the Ninth Corps front. I understood it was intended that they should pass through the enemy's lines opposite the left of the Ninth Corps. I had no conversation with General Meade on that subject. I merely inferred it from what I had heard.

Question. Were the pioneers equipped for destroying the enemy's abatis, and were entrenching tools in readiness for use when required for the Fifth Corps in their progress against the rebel lines?

Answer. I do not know. The pioneers were not under my orders.

Question. Why did not the engineer department take charge of the engineering operations and be responsible for their execution?

Answer. General Burnside took charge of the operations, and I was directed by General Meade not to interfere with them. I had once or twice attempted to send officer to direct the operations and General Burnside would not allow them to do so.


Lieutenant Colonel JOSEPH H. BARNES, Twenty-ninth Massachusetts Volunteers, being duly sworn, says to questions by JUDGE-ADVOCATE:

Question. Were you in the crater at the assault on the 30th of July, and what was your command?

Answer. No, sir; I was not in the crater.

Question. Were you near it?

Answer. I was near it - on the outside.

Question. In what formation did your command go forward?

Answer. It will be necessary to state that I did not go forward with my command proper. On the night previous I was in command of the division picket, and on the picket being relieved, in accordance with orders I had received, I followed my command, but did not reach my command proper until after they had moved forward to the assault. I went forward to the crater at the head of the troops of the Fourth Division (colored troops).

Question. What was the condition of things in or about the crater when you arrived there?

Answer. When I arrived at the crater the negro troops were pouring through the opening down into the crater. I hesitated about going in there with them (there was so much confusion at the bottom of the crater), and I remained outside with a captain who had been brigade officer of the day, who was with me. We remained outside the crater until all the negro troops had passed in; then, my orders being to join my command, and seeing a color in the

earth-works about 100 yards, to the right of the crater, I moved to the right, supposing it might be my color, keeping all the time about 100 yards from the ditch. Arriving at that point, I found it was