War of the Rebellion: Serial 080 Page 0002 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LII.

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June 21, 1864. - Action at Howlett's Bluff.*

Skirmishes at White House of Saint Peter's Church and Black Creek, or Tunstall's Station.+

22, 1864. - Engagement near the Jerusalem Plank Road.

22-July 2, 1864. - Expedition against the South Side and Danville Railroads, with skirmishes at Reams' Station (22d), at Staunton River Bridge, or Roanoke Station (25th), and engagements at Sappony Church, or Stony Creek (28-29th), and at Reams' Station (29th).

23, 1864. - Skirmish at Jones' Bridge.+

24, 1864. - Engagement at Saint Mary's Church.+

Action at Hare's Hill.

27, 1864. - Major General Winfield S. Hancock, U. S. Army, resumes command of the Second Army Corps.

28, 1864. - Action at Howlett's Bluff.*

30-July 1, 1864. - Actions on Four-Mile Creek, at Deep Bottom.*

July 12, 1864. - Skirmish at Warwick Swamp.

Skirmish at Turkey Creek.*

14, 1864. - Action at Malvern Hill.*

16, 1864. - Action at Four-Mile Creek.*

Action at Malvern Hill.*

17, 1864. - Skirmish at Herring Creek.

18, 1864. - Brigadier General Alfred H. Terry, U. S. Army, in temporary command of the Tenth Army Corps.

19, 1864. - Brigadier General John H. Martindale, U. S. Army in temporary command of the Eighteenth Army Corps, vice Major General William R. Smith, relieved.

22, 1864. - Major General Edward O. C. Ord, U. S. Army, assumes command of the Eighteenth Army Corps.

23, 1864. - Major General David B. Birney, U. S. Army, assumes command of the Tenth Army Corps.

27, 1864. - Skirmish near Lee's Mill.

27-29, 1864. - Demonstration on the north bank of the JameS River and engagement at Deep Bottom (or Darbytown, Strawberry Plains, and New Market Road).

28, 1864. - Action at Four-Mile Creek.*

30, 1864. - Explosion of the Mine and assault on the Crater.

Skirmish at Lee's Mill.


Numbers 1. - Lieutenant General U. S. Grant, U. S. Army, commanding Armies of the United States.

Numbers 2. - Charles A. Dana, Assistant Secretary of War.

Numbers 3. - Brigadier General Rufus Ingalls, U. S. Army, Chief Quartermaster of Armies operating against Richmond.


* For Union naval reports, see Annual Report of the Secretary of the Navy, December 5, 1864.

+ For reports, see Vol. XXXVI, Part I.

++ See also Vol. XXXVI, Part I, for the following reports of operations during the period covered by this volume, viz: Sheridan, June 13-August 4; Torbert. June 13-28; Custer, June 13-July 1; Alger, June 13-July 3; Walker, June 13-July 1; Devin, June 13-July 2; Merritt, June 12-25; D. McM. Gregg, June 13-July 7; Davies, June 13-July 4; Kester, June 13-August 17; J. Irvin Gregg. June 13-July 6; McParlin, June 12-July 30. For Thomas C. Devin's report, covering period from July 4 to July 31, see Vol. XLIII, Part I.