War of the Rebellion: Serial 079 Page 0886 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.

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point of harbor obstructions; seventeen torpedoes at the mouth of Burns Bayou, scattered from lower point of obstructions below Battery McIntosh, in a northeasterly and easterly direction, in from six to nine feet and a half water; fifteen torpedoes anchored in a line beginning at lower southeast corner of obstructions and extending toward Knoblock's, in from seven feet and a half to eleven feet and a half water (half flood tide), about thirty feet apart; eight torpedoes continuing WEST and running in same direction as line last described, in from eleven feet to eight feet and a half water (low tide), from twenty to thirty-five feet apart; twelve torpedoes, beginning in eight feet water, opposite lower southwest corner of a shoal point known as "middle ground," and extending north northwest across the mouth of Burns Bayou, in same depth of water, about forty feet apart; fifteen torpedoes, beginning at the termination of the line running from southeast corner of obstructions, and extending toward Knoblock's, across Garrow's Bend, in eight feet water (half flood tide), about twenty-five feet apart; twelve torpedoes continuing the line begun at a point of shoal known as " middle ground," and running in same direction unmasking Battery Gladden, about 200 yards south of Battery McIntosh (in eight feet water), about forty feet apart; one submarine battery; mounting three 400-pounder shells, bolted on framed timbers thirty feet long, about one mile and three-quarters east-southeast Battery McIntosh, near eastern side of channel running into Burns Bayou and nearly opposite lower point of Blakely Bar.


Calcium light has been placed in thorough working order, and throws a ray of light to the distance of one mile and a half.

guericke's pump. -The first of Guericke's pumps (reversed turbine principle) has been put in operation. It already throws 780 gallons of water per minute, but we anticipate even greater success. This pump is of great value to, us, as it enable us to pump the wet ditches around the works under construction dry, and saves much time and labor.

Hitchcock's press. -The engine of these workshops has been lines, the shafts have been turned, and the boiled shortened and thoroughly repaired. Wheelbarrows, spades, skiffs, wagons, and blacksmithing work have been issued from these shops this month. The engines of the torpedo-boat General Lee have been completed, and the boat has been calked and otherwise repaired. Many of the negroes captured by Major -General Forrest and turned over to the engineer department arrived here without bankets, shoes, and clothing; they have already been provided for partially from the shoe and clothing shop attached to the engineer workshop.

Probable operations for month of November.


Progress must depend entirely on the strength of our working force. Should no additional labor be obtained operation will be limited to work on Redoubt I, the curtain between I and K (which it is desirable to advance as far as possible before the rainy season sets in), Redoubt Sidney Johnston (N), laying platforms where they are yet needed, and to keeping works already constructed in repair.