War of the Rebellion: Serial 079 Page 0840 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.

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I. Sufficient earth on left bank. Magazine pit dug, and the magazine will be put up next week.

M. In consequence of the rain on the soil of which this work is composed the slopes have been faced with sods, almost to completion. Curtain to redan between L and M. has been built; curtain from K to J. has been worked; work also has been and is being done on curtain from K to J.

N. Covered way on sea-face being continued; bastions on salient prepared for revetment; magazines and gallery covered; gun-pits on right of salient opened and ready for revetment.

Sod-work on sea-face nearly completed on scarp-wall and revetments. The chemin-de-ronde on sea-face is progressing.

Revetment on curtain from M to N has been built, and curtain has been made heavier; redan between M and N nearly complete.


Choctaw Pass Battery (Iron-clad Floating Battery). -This battery, formerly intended to be sunk at the gate of the lower obstructions, having grounded and afterwards firmly settled by a gale from the southeast, was arranged to received a barbette gun; the platform is erected and stanchions place under the upper plate of the shield. The gun can be mounted early on next Monday.

Battery Gladden. -Front parapet has been re-enforced at the base, and two loads of sand placed in rear for emergencies. The wharf has been stopped for want of lumber.

Battery McIntosh. -One 10-inch columbiad has been mounted on east flank, and parapet completed except the sodding; no flats to be procured for sods. One 10-inch banded gun has been mounted in pit Numbers 6. All the sheath-piling for extension of bomb-proof is complete, and the filling up progressing. Sills have been placed for a gallery running the whole length of the bomb-proof; a small galley is being framed to join the traverse on the east flank to the bomb-proof.

Camel Battery has been completed on the original plan, except the sodding of the top of the magazine mound.

Iron-clad Floating Battery has been moved back where it formerly was, by order of Major General Maury.

Octagonal Battery. -All the sand has been taken off this battery; battery moved inside inner line of obstructions on Monday; will be placed 500 yards northeast of Battery Gladden.


Water Batteries. -Numbers 1: Force has been engaged in covering magazine, dressing superior slope of front, constructing traverses, and mounting guns. Rifle-guns (6. 4-inch) are mounted in gun-pits Nos. 1, 4, and 5. Numbers 2: Covering magazine, strengthening parapet, widening and deepening ditch, and advancing covered way to front.

Blakely. -Force employed in clearing trees and loading barges and flats.

Tracy. -Magazine has been sodded. Battery completed.

Huger. -Thickening covered way; excavating for magazine.

Obstructions. -The line is within a few feet of extending across Appalachee River.