War of the Rebellion: Serial 079 Page 0795 Chapter LI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -CONFEDERATE.

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September 4. -Fifteen 75-pound torpedoes (Rains') commencing one mile below obstructions, south-southeast from Battery McIntosh, extending the line north-northeast, anchoring eight feet a Part in six and one-half feet water. Twenty-five 75-pound torpedoes (Singer's) commencing about two miles southeast from Battery McIntosh, extending the line southwest in seven feet of water and ending in nine feet and a half.

September 6. -Ten 30-pound torpedoes (Singer's) two miles and a half southeast from Battery McIntosh, extending the line south- southwest from Appalachee Bar about three-fourths of a mile, anchoring fifteen feet a Part in from eight to eleven feet water.

September 7. -Ten 60-pound torpedoes (Rains') in pocket setting in east of Battery McIntosh, about one mile and a half below.

September 16 to 20. -Fourteen 75-pound torpedoes (Rains') in the mouth of Dog River, extending from one mile and a half to two miles from western shore, anchored twenty-five feet a Part in from six and a half to nine and a half feet water.

Thirty-one 75-pound torpedoes (Singer's) from 300 to 400 yards south of the line above mentioned, and extending in the same direction.

September 26 to 30. -Forty-one 40-pound torpedoes (Singer's) in Blakely River, about 200 yards below the head of the island opposite Spanish Battery, commencing near the eastern side of the cahhnel, and anchored twenty-five to thirty feet apart; the spaces doubled by seventeen same size (Singer's) anchored so as to form an intermediate line, both lines extending toward the western side of the channel.

Probable operations for the month of October, 1864.


A network near the mouth of One-Mile Creek will be commenced. Curtain and redan between this work and read 16 will be commenced. Curtain between A and 15 will be commenced. D, E, F, G, H, I, L, M, and N, all the earth-work (the glaces excepted) will be completed. Curtain from D to N will be strengthened; redans will be completed.

The four 7-inch Brooke guns will be removed from Battery Buchanan to sea-face of Redoubt Sidney Johnston (N). The sea-coast mortars from the mortar battery will be moved to the bastionettes of N. The double-banded 10-inch columbiad will be taken from its present position in the mortar battery to Battery Gladden.


Battery Gladden. -The battery being finished its breakwater and wharf will be completed. A double-banded 10-inch columbiad will be mounted.

Battery McIntosh. -East flank will be continued. A double-banded gun will be mounted on the bomb-proof. Breakwater will be completed.

Camel Battery will be completed.

Iron-clad square battery aground between Battery Missouri and Gladden. A heavy gun will be mounted in barrette in this battery.

Octogonal battery near Choctaw Spit. -It has been decided to remove this battery from its present exposed position near the lower obstructions