War of the Rebellion: Serial 079 Page 0794 Chapter LI. KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA.

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10-inch columbiad on this flank. The piling for protection against boat attack was completed and boom was placed on WEST face of battery. The piling for extension of bomb-proof is being driven, and a gallery is projected in the rear of the present bomb-proof. This work is for the purpose of mounting at 11-inch banded gun on the top of the bomb-proof.

Camel Battety. -A camel of sixty-six feet square has been armed with two 42-pounders, rifled, on navy carriages, and placed immediately in the rear of McIntosh for the protection of the WEST flank. This battery is complete except the traverse between the two guns.

Iron-clad Battery had been anchored north of McIntosh, but has been removed farther north against the WEST bank of Spanish River, where the camel battery was placed. This battery mounts one 9-inch Dahlgren navy carriage.

Obstructions have been examined from time to time, and are in as good condition as could be wished, consisting on the upper line of from nine to eleven rows of piling, with one gap only in Spanish River channel; and the lower made of from five to six and seven rows of piling to the south face, and on that face of sunken vessels. The ran Phoenix, which was sunk in August, was burned this month. She is the only part of the obstructions visible. Beacon lights were prepared at the lower obstructions.


Blakely. -A six-gun battery has been commenced and in now ready for the guns; front and rear parapets constructed; gun-pits excavated, and platform being put down; pit for large magazine excavated, and the timber frame put in; considerable clearing of timber has been done in the rear and on the left of the work.

Tracy. -No force has been kept here for the last two weeks, and the operations have been limited to reconstructing and making a large addition to the magazine; sodding the magazine remains to be done, and a small force has been put at that work.

Huger. -Only a small force of about twenty-five hands has been employed this month assisting to discharge earth from barge, excavating and making other preparations for additional magazines, strengthening obstructions in Appalachee River, putting water-tanks in place, and forwarding material to Spanish Fort.

Spanish Fort. -Considerable work has been done on the main work, Numbers 1. A large magazine, 20 by 40 feet, has been constructed, and only requires a small amount of additional earth on the outside to complete it; parapets have been finished, platforms put down on th eland front, postern put in; excavation, 30 by 50 by 18 feet, made for commissary store-house and workshops; rifle-pits sunk in front of heavy guns; pits excavated, platforms put down, and two heavy guns mounted. Large lunette (Numbers 2) commenced and finished, with terreplein and covered way; magazine put in ; foundation for large gun; extended the work nearly 100 yards to the right and 30 yards to the left; and nearly completed 250 yards of rifle-pits; 3 and 4 commenced and nearly completed, connected with heavy curtain over 300 yards; line extended about 100 yards on left flank; excavated for two magazines; timber cleared about 300 yards in front of whole line. Bay Minette bridge nearly completed and the road thorough the swamp finished, a work which has taken much labor and attention.

Obstructions. -Piles are being driven and rafts constructed for Blakely and Appalachee Rivers.