War of the Rebellion: Serial 079 Page 0346 Chapter LI. KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA.

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FORT PICKERING, October 17, 1864.

Brigadier-General SMITH:

The two scouts who went out last have just come in. They ran upon a rebel camp on the Grenada railroad, ten miles out at Horn Lake depot, on both sides of the railroad; said to be one brigade; about 5,000 mounted men and three field pieces, small; roddey commanding. Found nothing on either Horn Lake road or Hernando road up to 11 p. m., as far as nine miles on each. Left rebel camp at daylight. No movement at that time.




Monday, October 17, 1864 - 12. 30 a. m.


Chief of Staff, &c.:

MY DEAR MAJOR: Thank you for the information you are giving me. In case of an attack the Carondelet (with a heavy battery) will be taken in tow by the Red Rover and will proceed down to the fort to operate thereabouts, as circimstances may require. Captain Pttison volunteered to take command should the attack be made; I gladly accepted his offer. He is probably better acquainted with the localities ashore than any of the rest of us. The Fawn (Numbers 30), an tin-clad, will look out for the immediate neighbothood of the navy -yard. Her engines are repairing, but she can do pretty good service where she is. With the Essex I am all ready to shove off, and attend to the enemy at any point where we can do the most service. When they do attack please inform me of their situation, direction, and distance from the river. Any where within three or three and a half miles I can drop a few 100-pounder shells among them, if I only know their direction and distance. The elevation given to the guns for such ranges, or even less, would carry the shells well over the houses of the city. I will be happy to do anything in my power to aid and support you. Captain Pattison's family will come aboard the Essex in case of an attack. Should the attack be made let me suggest that you send a signal officer aboard the Essex. Through him you could communicate information as to the position, &c., of the enemy after we have shoved off into the stream.

Yours, very truly,


Commander, U. S. Navy.


HDQRS, MIL. DIV. OF THE MISS., In the Field, Chattanooga Creek, Numbers 96.

October 18, 1864.

The movements of the armies to-morrow wil be as follows:

I. The Army of the Tennessee will pass to the right of Summerville and move toward Alpine in support of Colonel Watkins' cavalry, which is ordered to ascertain what part, if any, of the enemy has passed up Henderson's Gap.

II. The Army of the Ohio will move on the main Gaylesville road toward Melville Post-Office in support of General Garrard's cavalry which is ordered to reconnoiter toward Gaylesville.